June 8

2-Month Rent Penalty to Aid Tenant Relocation


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The Renters Reform Coalition is urging tenants throughout England to reach out to their Members of Parliament (MPs) in order to garner support for the Renters’ Reform Bill. Comprising various housing sector organizations, charities, and partners like Big Issue, the coalition aims to enhance tenants’ rights and significantly improve the rental market.

To secure backing, tenants are encouraged to email their MPs, requesting their presence at the bill’s second reading. As per Polly Neate from Shelter, the coalition has proposed several amendments to strengthen tenants’ rights and ensure that the legislation possesses the necessary enforcement measures for substantial change.

Furthermore, part of their initiative involves advocating for landlords to provide tenants with a two-month rent payment to facilitate their search for alternative accommodation and assist in relocating.


The coalition is additionally advocating for…

The coalition is additionally advocating for reducing the period of re-letting a property after a landlord employs a no-fault eviction from three months to one year, as opposed to the original three-month ban proposed.

Recently introduced, the renter reforms aim to eliminate section 21 “no-fault” evictions, preventing landlords from possessing property without providing a valid reason.

The Bill also intends to empower tenants with greater authority to keep pets and enhance the quality of privately rented homes.

Nevertheless, the coalition suggests that judges should possess complete discretion in determining the justifiability of an eviction.

They also propose implementing a cap on rent increases during a tenancy, tied to either inflation or wage growth, whichever is lower, to prevent rent hikes from being employed as a disguised eviction tactic.

Landlords and letting agents may be taken aback by the demand from Generation Rent, which calls for landlords to pay their tenants two months’ rent to assist them in finding a new place to live and facilitate their relocation.

Furthermore, the groups suggest that landlords intending to sell a property must list it for sale with a sitting tenant for six months before seeking an eviction.


Call to Action: 5,000 Supporters Urged to Email MPs in Campaign

5,000 Supporters Urged to Email MPs in Campaign

To rally support, Shelter has initiated a campaign urging 5,000 supporters to email their Members of Parliament (MPs) and encourage their attendance at the second reading of the Bill. The charity’s campaign page emphasizes the significance of reaching out to MPs, as constituents possess a unique opportunity to express the importance of addressing rental issues. By sharing personal stories about the need for rental improvements, the impact of the emails can be further amplified.

The objective is to ensure a strong focus on renters’ rights during the debate and maximize the number of MPs participating in the discussion. On Twitter, Polly Neate, CEO of Shelter, highlights the need to maintain momentum in the reform of private renting and emphasizes the potential risks of loopholes in the Renters Reform Bill that could undermine the positive effects of ending no-fault evictions.


Push for Longer Eviction Notice Period: Coalition Advocates Four Months

Longer Eviction Notice PeriodIn addition to enhancing safeguards for tenants, the coalition is advocating for a prolonged eviction notice period of four months instead of the initially suggested two months. They also propose extending the protection against section 21 “no-fault” evictions to the first two years of a tenancy, rather than the proposed six months. The coalition argues that implementing these modifications would bring about substantial advancements compared to the current system in place.



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