February 22

Airbnb’s Landlord Hosts: Income and Demographics Revealed


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Recent figures released by Airbnb shed light on the earning patterns of typical host landlords, revealing an annual income averaging £5,500 through space-sharing on the platform. This data comes amid ongoing debates, with government, local authorities, and activists expressing concerns about the impact of short-term rentals. Despite criticisms, Airbnb underscores that many landlords in the UK rely on this additional income to navigate the challenges posed by the current cost of living crisis.

The platform’s assertion brings attention to the dual narrative surrounding short-term rentals, emphasizing the financial support these arrangements provide to household budgets. As government bodies and local authorities continue to scrutinize the sector, Airbnb maintains that its hosts play a crucial role in addressing economic pressures faced by individuals amid the broader socioeconomic landscape.

According to Airbnb, the typical host landlord in the UK is making an annual income of £5,500, a sum equivalent to almost two months’ additional pay for the median household. This insight is derived from a comprehensive survey conducted in 2023, which involved the participation of almost 4,400 landlord hosts on the platform. The findings shed light on the financial significance of short-term rentals, with nearly a third of hosts choosing this option to address financial needs, and almost 40% highlighting how the additional income helps them sustain their homes.

In addition to the financial aspect, the survey provides a glimpse into the demographics of host landlords in the UK. It reveals that nearly a third of these hosts are retired, indicating a diverse profile within the host community. Furthermore, one in five hosts works in sectors such as education, health, social care, or hospitality. This data not only highlights the varied backgrounds of Airbnb hosts but also underscores their role in supporting local economies and communities.

The engagement of host landlords with their local communities is further emphasized by the fact that over 90% actively recommend local businesses to their guests. This aspect goes beyond the financial transaction of short-term rentals, showcasing the hosts’ commitment to enhancing the overall experience for their guests and contributing positively to the areas in which they operate.

A recent study conducted by economics consultancy BIGGAR has shed light on the substantial economic impact of Airbnb on the UK. According to the findings, spending by both guests and hosts on the platform contributed a noteworthy £2.9 billion to the country’s economy in the fiscal year 2022/2023. This economic injection played a crucial role in supporting over 100,000 jobs across various sectors, underlining the significant reach and influence of Airbnb in fostering economic activity nationwide.

As living costs continue to rise, hosting on Airbnb emerges as a crucial economic lifeline for many individuals, offering a means to cope with financial pressures and meet essential financial commitments. The platform is positioned as a source of support, helping people pay their bills and afford the necessities that matter to them. The decision of holidaymakers to book through Airbnb is seen as directly benefiting local families, businesses, and communities, contributing to the overall well-being of individuals throughout the country.

Amanda Cupples, the General Manager for the UK and Northern Europe at Airbnb, expresses pride in the positive role played by Airbnb guests. Cupples emphasizes that when holidaymakers choose Airbnb, they play a vital part in enhancing the lives of everyday people across the UK. The study’s results underscore the broader socio-economic impact of the platform, portraying Airbnb as a force for positive change in the financial landscape of individuals and communities.


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