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Rogue Tenant Deceives Cancer-Stricken Landlord


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Natalie Chamberlain, aged 40, has been sentenced to jail after admitting to her involvement in an elaborate tenancy scam. The case unfolded with Chamberlain facing nine charges related to tenancy fraud and the fabrication of documents in Sheringham last year. Additionally, she faced one count of possessing an article intended for use in fraud, which occurred in Pagham, West Sussex.

Chamberlain’s fraudulent activities involved posing as a private landlord, deceiving individuals seeking rental accommodation. Her scheme was carefully orchestrated, with Chamberlain falsifying documents to create the appearance of legitimate tenancy agreements. These fraudulent actions not only misled unsuspecting tenants but also undermined the integrity of the rental market, causing financial and emotional distress to those affected by her deceit.

The consequences of Chamberlain’s actions extend beyond the immediate victims, impacting the wider community’s trust in rental transactions. The case underscores the importance of vigilance in verifying the authenticity of rental agreements and conducting due diligence when engaging with potential landlords. Chamberlain’s sentencing serves as a warning to others considering similar fraudulent activities, highlighting the serious legal repercussions awaiting those who engage in such deceptive practices.

Chamberlain, known for her history of dishonesty and using various aliases such as Collins, Murrell, Rivers, and Kavanagh, found herself facing serious legal consequences. Sentencing her at Hendon Crown Court, the judiciary handed down a 25-month prison term. This sentence encompassed 16 months for her fraudulent activities in Norfolk and an additional nine months for a Metropolitan Police case concerning theft in a dwelling linked to fraud. The severity of the sentence reflects the gravity of her offenses and the impact they had on the affected parties.

Her fraudulent activities unfolded when Chamberlain agreed to rent a property in Sheringham in December 2022. However, she swiftly deviated from the terms of the agreement, failing to meet her financial obligations. According to the rental agreement, she was obligated to pay £1,036 by January 7, 2023, followed by the standard monthly rent of £850 on February 7, 2023. Chamberlain’s failure to adhere to these terms led to legal action against her, revealing the extent of her deception and fraudulent behavior.

Throughout the legal proceedings, Chamberlain’s history of deceit emerged, shedding light on her modus operandi and the various aliases she employed. Despite her attempts to conceal her true identity, authorities uncovered her extensive track record of dishonesty. This pattern of behavior not only underscores the severity of her actions but also serves as a warning to others about the consequences of engaging in fraudulent activities in the property rental sector.

She opted to sublet the property to a couple who, after inspecting it, proceeded to sign a rental agreement and transferred £1,900 to her. Additionally, they made an additional payment to cover the TV licence.

However, just before their scheduled move-in date, Chamberlain informed them that they couldn’t proceed due to the alleged roof collapse.

Upon a family member’s visit to the property for verification, they encountered another individual residing there who claimed to be the tenant. This revelation unveiled another victim who had signed a contract and paid £1,800, falling prey to the same scam where individuals handed over cash under the belief that Chamberlain was their lawful landlord.

During their interactions, Chamberlain fabricated numerous falsehoods, including claims of being a paramedic, suffering from various illnesses, family illnesses, and serving in the army. The genuine landlord who rented the property to Chamberlain never received any of the promised payments, expressing her distress in a statement presented to the court.

In her statement, she recounted, “The first thing that Natalie ever said to me was that ‘I have stage three stomach cancer.’ This was the hook that she used to catch me. I had been diagnosed with stage three cancer two months earlier and was about to start chemotherapy. I tried to help Natalie because I sympathized with her, I allowed her into my home, something that I never do as I value my privacy.”

“When I discovered that I had been conned by Natalie and lied to using the most grotesque excuse, I felt a myriad of emotions; embarrassment, shame, anxiety and depression. This continued during four months of chemotherapy and I could not and still cannot believe that somebody could be so cruel.”

PC Victoria Sweetland said: “Natalie Chamberlain took advantage of the situation using people’s vulnerabilities to make a gain for herself with no thought given to her victims. I hope the sentence will bring some peace to the victims, after all the deceit and stress they have endured.”


Natalie Chamberlain's fraudulent scheme, Rogue Tenant Deceives Cancer-Stricken Landlord

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