June 17

Council Consults on New Licensing Plans


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Reading Council has initiated a consultation to explore changes to its housing licensing policies. The main proposal under consideration is to extend the existing House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licensing scheme. Currently, this scheme regulates shared houses and flats with multiple tenants. The council is evaluating the benefits of applying these licensing requirements more broadly across Reading, aiming to enhance tenant safety and property standards.

In addition to expanding the HMO licensing, the council is also considering a new targeted scheme. This new plan would specifically cover private rental properties in three designated wards. The targeted approach aims to address particular issues found in these areas, such as substandard living conditions and lack of landlord accountability. By implementing this scheme, the council hopes to ensure that all private rentals meet essential safety and habitability standards.

The consultation will gather input from local residents, landlords, and other stakeholders on these proposed changes. Feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the final decision, helping the council understand the potential impacts and benefits of extending the licensing scheme. This inclusive approach seeks to balance the interests of both tenants and property owners while maintaining high living standards throughout Reading.

If approved, the expanded HMO licensing and new targeted scheme could bring significant changes to the rental market in Reading. Landlords would need to comply with stricter regulations, potentially leading to improved property conditions and a more accountable rental sector. The council encourages all affected parties to participate in the consultation and share their views on the proposed licensing enhancements.

The council in Reading has launched a consultation on an expanded HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) licensing scheme, alongside the phased introduction of a selective licensing system. This initiative is aimed at significantly improving housing standards and conditions for tenants across the borough. By broadening the scope of HMO licensing, the council seeks to ensure that properties accommodating three or four occupants also meet the required standards of safety and maintenance.

Currently, Reading boasts more than 1,400 licensed HMOs under its existing mandatory scheme. The proposed extension of HMO licensing to include properties with three or four occupants reflects the council’s commitment to enhancing living conditions for a broader segment of the rental market. This expansion aims to address potential issues such as overcrowding and inadequate property maintenance, which can impact the quality of life for tenants.

The consultation process invites feedback from stakeholders, including landlords, tenants, and local residents, on the implications and feasibility of the proposed licensing changes. The council emphasises that the goal is not only to regulate but also to elevate the standard of rental accommodation throughout Reading. By engaging with the community and soliciting input, the council aims to tailor the licensing frameworks to best serve the needs of both tenants and property owners.

Ultimately, the implementation of these licensing reforms is part of a strategic effort to raise housing standards borough-wide. The council’s proactive approach seeks to ensure that all rental properties, regardless of size or occupancy, contribute to a safer, more secure, and higher quality living environment for residents in Reading.

A council spokesperson has expressed the council’s intention to gather feedback from tenants and landlords regarding proposed changes aimed at improving housing conditions for residents. Highlighting national evidence linking quality housing to better physical and mental health outcomes, as well as improved educational achievements for families, the spokesperson stressed the importance of ensuring safety across all private rental properties.

The council’s proposed scheme aims to expand inspection coverage beyond current mandatory requirements, encompassing a wider range of housing types. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance tenant safety and well-being within the private rented sector.

Seeking input from tenants, landlords, and interested stakeholders, the council aims to gather diverse perspectives on the scheme and its potential implementation. The feedback received will be carefully evaluated to inform decision-making processes. If approved, the council plans to introduce the scheme gradually, starting in Spring 2025, with the goal of achieving comprehensive improvements in housing standards.

The consultation will run until early September. You can see details here


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