February 13

Council Urges Licensing for Indifferent Landlords & Tenants


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In the Scunthorpe area, a proposed Selective Licensing scheme is currently undergoing consultation, with council leader Rob Waltham delivering a straightforward message. He asserts that the burden should not fall on homeowners who have diligently maintained their properties for generations, keeping their homes and gardens in good order. Waltham contends that it is unreasonable for these homeowners to suffer due to the actions of a small number of landlords and tenants.

The Selective Licensing proposal aims to address issues arising from certain properties within the community, putting measures in place to ensure better living conditions and neighborhood standards. Waltham emphasizes the need for a fair and balanced approach that doesn’t penalize responsible homeowners. The consultation process offers an opportunity for community members to voice their opinions on the proposed scheme and contribute to shaping policies that effectively address the concerns while minimizing impact on those who uphold their property responsibilities.

As the consultation unfolds, it provides a platform for constructive dialogue between local authorities and residents. Waltham’s message underscores the council’s commitment to finding solutions that strike a balance between maintaining the heritage of well-kept homes and addressing challenges posed by a minority of landlords and tenants. The outcome of this consultation will play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of property regulations in the Scunthorpe community.

The proposed Selective Licensing scheme, currently undergoing consultation in the Scunthorpe area, comes with a stern message from North Lincolnshire council leader Rob Waltham. He contends that it is unjust for long-standing homeowners, who diligently maintain their properties, to bear the consequences of a minority of landlords and tenants who neglect their responsibilities.

Waltham emphasizes the scheme’s potential to deploy additional enforcement officers strategically. These officers would actively engage with landlords and tenants who demonstrate a lack of care and accountability, reinforcing the council’s commitment to practical, on-the-ground enforcement.

The overarching objective of the scheme, as articulated by the council, is to drive improvements in housing conditions, reduce instances of anti-social behavior, and ultimately enhance the health and well-being of local communities. This practical approach is designed to yield tangible outcomes that positively impact the living conditions and overall welfare of residents in the affected areas.

Furthermore, the proposed scheme is seen as a tool to empower the council to more effectively target criminal landlords. By fostering resilient communities and ensuring resident safety and well-being, the council underscores its dedication to implementing measures that actively contribute to the improvement and betterment of local neighborhoods. The spokesperson emphasizes that this approach aligns with the council’s broader mission of creating sustainable and secure living environments.

“The vast majority of local landlords are providing safe, decent homes but we know there are small number of people who do not maintain the standards expected.

“We believe selective licensing will enable us to target the areas where there is poor quality and badly-managed accommodation.

“It will help us address anti-social behaviour and raise standards by forcing rogue landlords and bad tenants to be responsible.

“We have not wanted to go down this route and where landlords are already operating responsibility there will be less impact but we do think this will enable us to protect residents and enhance the community as a whole.

“We also want to make sure that everyone who has a stake in this has had their say so we have launched this consultation to capture everyone’s views.”

The areas proposed for the scheme cover part of the Crosby & Park, Town and Frodingham wards, a total of 1,505 private sector rented properties.


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