July 7

Extinction Rebellion Joins the Housing Protest Movement


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In a bid to address the ongoing housing crisis, Extinction Rebellion will be joining the protest movement following the footsteps of Generation Rent, known for their peaceful demonstrations, and the proactive Acorn group of rental activists.

According to a statement released by the environmental campaign organization, tomorrow has been designated as a ‘national day of action,’ with protests scheduled in 12 locations, half of which will take place in London.

The faction leading this particular protest initiative has named themselves Housing Rebellion. Grace Lally, a spokesperson for the group, emphasizes the urgent need for secure and affordable housing options that do not burden residents with exorbitant heating costs. Instead, what is currently being offered are unsustainable high-rise luxury apartments that remain financially out of reach for the majority of individuals.

Extinction Rebellion

“Why is squatting considered a criminal act when the true wrongdoing lies in the existence of a quarter-million vacant homes left unused for extended periods? Additionally, there are three-quarters of a million households in the UK that possess holiday homes while hundreds of thousands remain homeless.

“This Saturday marks a step towards greater nationwide collaboration among individuals who have grown tired of the deceptive environmental claims and exploitative practices, and who are prepared to engage in direct action. Their goals include occupying vacant homes, preventing unsustainable developments and the destruction of social housing, and advocating for retrofitting measures to enhance the quality of our poorly insulated residences.”

The collective pledges to organise processions and public gatherings with a resolute objective of “calling for an end to the inequality, environmental devastation, and insatiable avarice that collectively drive our housing crisis.”

Housing Rebellion asserts its affiliation with Extinction Rebellion’s ongoing efforts to foster alliances and proclaims its mission to engage with and provide assistance to those actively tackling the interlinked challenges of housing and climate crises. Its overarching aim is to challenge the self-serving system that prioritizes financial gain over the well-being of individuals and the planet.

The group asserts that it enjoys the backing of various local trade unions and community-driven initiatives spanning the entire nation.


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