February 26

Generation Rent Backs Holiday Lets Mortgage Ban


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The Generation Rent group, a prominent advocate for renters’ rights, has expressed its unequivocal support for a recent decision by Leeds Building Society to implement a 12-month pilot ban on mortgages for holiday lets. This proactive measure, aimed at two popular regions—North Norfolk and North Yorkshire council areas—has stirred conversations about the dynamics of property ownership, particularly in the context of the luxury associated with vacation homes. The ban, set to commence at the end of the next month, raises questions about the broader implications for property markets and access to mortgages for varying purposes.

Leeds Building Society’s initiative seeks to evaluate the impact of restricting holiday let mortgages in the designated regions, gauging its effectiveness in addressing concerns related to housing affordability and availability. Generation Rent’s endorsement adds a tenant-focused perspective to the ongoing discourse, highlighting the importance of considering the broader societal implications of property ownership decisions and the allocation of mortgage resources. As discussions unfold, the focus remains on striking a balance that ensures fair access to housing while acknowledging the diverse needs and aspirations of the population.

Leeds Building Society is taking a proactive approach to address the surge in short-term holiday lets by instituting a 12-month pilot ban on approving holiday let mortgages, specifically targeting regions like North Norfolk and North Yorkshire council areas. As part of a strategic move, the society aims to shift the emphasis towards increasing the overall supply of homes. During this pilot period, the affected postcodes will be flagged within the building society’s systems to prevent the approval of holiday let mortgage applications in these areas. It’s a significant step to reassess the impact of holiday properties on local housing dynamics.

The decision by Leeds Building Society comes in response to the rising trend of short-term holiday lets, which has contributed to displacing renters from their homes and escalating housing costs within communities. With more than 73,000 holiday homes in Great Britain and an annual increase of 7,000, the move to restrict holiday let mortgage approvals aligns with Generation Rent’s advocacy for prioritizing the need for permanent homes over the perceived luxury of holiday accommodations. The initiative is expected to address concerns raised by Generation Rent about the detrimental effects of an expanding short-term holiday let market on the availability and affordability of long-term rentals.

Ben Twomey, Chief Executive of Generation Rent, has expressed satisfaction with Leeds Building Society’s decision, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the necessity of housing over the luxury of holiday accommodations. This move is viewed as a positive step towards fostering a more balanced and sustainable housing market, particularly in areas grappling with the challenges posed by the increasing popularity of holiday lets.

The initiative to restrict mortgage lending on holiday lets in North Norfolk and North Yorkshire is viewed as a proactive measure to address the challenges faced by renters in these regions. While acknowledging the need for government intervention to prevent the depletion of housing for the local populace due to the surge in holiday lets, Generation Rent appreciates that lenders are recognizing and acting on the issue. By curbing the expansion of short-term holiday lets, there is hope that this trial will contribute to stabilizing rental costs and supporting tenants to maintain their presence in local communities, ultimately enhancing the prospect of future homeownership for renters.

Richard Fearon, Chief Executive of the building society, emphasizes the institution’s commitment to making homeownership accessible across generations. The move to restrict mortgages on holiday lets aligns with the society’s broader goal of ensuring a more equitable distribution of homes available for local residents. In areas where holiday lets have exerted a notable impact on the housing market, the building society aims to play a role in alleviating the strain on local housing supply. This approach reflects a concerted effort to create a housing environment that fosters stability and accessibility for individuals seeking long-term residence in these regions.

The Government has implemented various measures in recent years, empowering local areas with additional tools to regulate holiday lets. These measures aim to provide local communities with control over the situation. The ongoing trial will serve as a learning experience, shedding light on the effectiveness of this approach in boosting the supply of residential homes. The insights gained from this trial will contribute to a better understanding of the steps that can positively impact the housing landscape.


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