June 13

High Homelessness Fear Among Private Renters


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A recent study conducted by social enterprise company Places for People reveals a significant concern among UK residents regarding homelessness. According to the findings, more than one in five individuals fear the possibility of themselves or someone they know becoming homeless within the next year. This statistic underscores a widespread apprehension about housing insecurity and its potential impact on people’s lives across the country.

The study further highlights a strong public sentiment towards government intervention in addressing homelessness through the construction of social housing. A substantial 77% of the population surveyed expressed support for government initiatives aimed at increasing the supply of social homes. This sentiment reflects a growing recognition of the role that affordable housing plays in mitigating homelessness and providing stability to individuals and families facing precarious housing situations.

With housing affordability becoming an increasingly critical issue, the study’s findings underscore the urgent need for policies that ensure adequate housing for all. By addressing concerns about homelessness and supporting the development of social housing, policymakers can work towards alleviating housing insecurity and improving the quality of life for residents across the UK.

Concerns about homelessness are notably higher among renters, whether they are in private (30%) or social (29%) housing, in contrast to homeowners, where the figure is 15%. This disparity underscores the heightened vulnerability faced by those in rental accommodation, reflecting broader anxieties about housing insecurity and affordability.

Recent government statistics highlight the stark realities of homelessness across the UK. In England alone, 3,898 individuals were recorded as sleeping rough on a single night in Autumn 2023, alongside 121 in Wales. These figures provide a snapshot of the immediate challenges faced by individuals without stable housing.

In Scotland, 2,438 households reported instances of rough sleeping in the preceding three months before seeking assistance in 2022/2023. This data underscores the ongoing nature of the homelessness crisis and the need for comprehensive support systems.

Furthermore, the latest government figures reveal a record number of households living in temporary accommodation. In England, this figure stands at 112,660, indicating a substantial portion of the population experiencing temporary housing solutions. Similarly, Scotland and Wales report 15,625 and 5,700 households respectively residing in temporary accommodations. These statistics highlight the urgent need for sustainable housing policies and support mechanisms to address the root causes of homelessness and provide long-term solutions for affected individuals and families across the UK.

Recent data reveals significant demand for social housing across the UK, with 1.29 million households waiting for homes in England, 110,900 in Scotland, and 90,000 in Wales. These figures underscore the widespread concern about homelessness as a critical national issue, with 80% of the public expressing this sentiment. A similar proportion (77%) believes that increasing the supply of social homes is crucial to tackling homelessness, while 81% advocate for more government funding to prevent homelessness.

A spokesperson from Places for People commented on the findings, stating, “These statistics are deeply concerning and reflect widespread apprehension across the nation. The level of concern, particularly among renters in both social and private sectors, underscores the urgent need for more social housing. Addressing this crisis requires a balanced approach that considers the diverse housing needs across all segments of society.”

The spokesperson continued, “For too long, we have highlighted the severity of the homelessness crisis in the UK. It is evident from the data that building more social housing is paramount, alongside ensuring a well-rounded mix of housing tenures to alleviate pressure on the housing market as a whole.”

“… As a sector, the concerns we have raised time and time again around the need for more social homes have not been listened to by government in recent years. So, we are now urging whoever forms the next government to listen to the people of the UK and put delivering more social homes at the top of your priority list. Talking’s over, it’s time to build.”  


High Homelessness Fear Among Private Renters, Places For People

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