March 4

Khan’s Funding Group: Unveiling Intervention


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London Mayor Sadiq Khan is intensifying his call for the government to eliminate Section 21 eviction powers, emphasizing that over 30,000 households in the capital have experienced eviction since 2019. The mayor contends that the use of Section 21 undermines tenant security and contributes to housing instability, urging a decisive move to enhance renters’ rights.

Furthermore, Khan expresses concerns that the anticipation of Section 21 becoming illegal under the Renters Reform Bill might trigger a spike in evictions. Landlords, apprehensive about potential restrictions, could expedite eviction actions to circumvent the impending ban, potentially exacerbating housing challenges in the city.

Ministry of Justice data reveals a notable 62% surge in S21 evictions in London over the past year, escalating from 7,057 in 2022 to 11,457 in 2023. This concerning increase in evictions has prompted London Mayor Sadiq Khan to intensify his call for the government to abolish Section 21 eviction powers. Khan emphasizes that over 30,000 households in the capital have faced eviction since 2019, adding urgency to the need for reform.

Despite acknowledging that he lacks formal powers in the private renting sector, Mayor Khan remains resolute in his commitment to advocate for the interests of London’s 2.7 million private renters. In line with this commitment, he is allocating financial support to the charity Cambridge House, specifically for their ‘Safer Renting’ program. This initiative aims to provide specialized assistance and guidance to private renters facing exploitation by rogue landlords, offering immediate support to prevent illegal evictions.

Cambridge House’s ‘Safer Renting’ program, backed by Mayor Khan’s funding, takes a proactive approach by intervening on the doorstep. The program focuses on ensuring that vulnerable renters receive the necessary support to navigate challenges posed by unscrupulous landlords, thereby helping them stay in their homes. This multifaceted effort reflects Mayor Khan’s dedication to addressing the pressing issues faced by private renters in the dynamic London housing market.

The ‘Safer Renting’ program, supported by Mayor Sadiq Khan’s funding, extends its assistance beyond immediate interventions. It actively aids renters in accessing legal support by facilitating connections with lawyers or Legal Aid, where applicable. The program strives to pursue justice for exploited renters by seeking compensation, obtaining rent repayment orders, and securing injunctions to prevent illegal evictions.

In parallel, Mayor Khan is amplifying financial support for his own initiative, the Better Renting programme. This additional funding aims to empower local council housing officers with enhanced training to address various challenges within the private rental sector. The expanded training encompasses issues like mould and damp, allegations of landlord harassment, and threats of illegal eviction. Since its launch in November 2019, the Better Renting program has already trained nearly 400 housing and environmental health officers, reinforcing the Mayor’s commitment to improving conditions for renters in the private housing market.

Khan’s apprehension is evident as he voices concern over the persistent threat of eviction for London’s vast population of 2.7 million private renters, attributing it to broken promises from government ministers. Despite the initial optimism surrounding the introduction of the Renters Reform Bill to Parliament last year, any sense of relief has gradually dissipated amidst months of indecision and delays. Recent reports have added to the growing disquiet, indicating that the initially proposed reforms are currently undergoing substantial dilution.

The stark reality is that London renters are experiencing a surge in the rate of home loss, with challenges arising from both the still-legal Section 21 and the actions of unscrupulous rogue landlords. Khan, in his active role supporting tenants, recognizes the urgency of addressing these issues. However, he underscores the need for collaborative efforts, emphasizing that the government must prioritize renter rights. Khan urges swift action to enact the Renters Reform Bill, emphasizing its crucial role in building a better, fairer London for everyone.


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