February 21

Landlords Stay Positive Amid Challenges: Survey


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A recent survey conducted by OSB finance house indicates a notable trend among landlords, with nearly 69% already expanding or planning to enlarge their property portfolios. This growth is particularly pronounced among professional landlords, with 77% expressing intentions to increase their holdings. Despite the challenges in the property market, there’s a notable sense of optimism, with 42% of landlords expressing positive sentiments about their future. Among professional landlords, one in five individuals reported feeling very optimistic about the prospects of their property investments.

The survey sheds light on the resilience and forward-looking approach of landlords, highlighting their strategic moves in the face of evolving market conditions. As a significant portion of landlords eyes portfolio expansion, this trend underscores their confidence and adaptability within the property sector.

In response to the evolving landscape of the Private Rented Sector (PRS), a significant 65% of landlords are contemplating or have already taken steps to transition into limited companies or incorporated entities. This shift reflects the increasing professionalization within the sector, highlighting landlords’ adaptability to navigate changing dynamics. Recognizing the importance of strategic planning, more than two-thirds of landlords are actively investing or planning investments to proactively stay ahead of legislative changes.

The survey further unveils that 58% of landlords have already expanded their workforce or have plans to do so. This strategic decision aligns with the broader trend of landlords recognizing the need for effective management and operation of their property portfolios. Concurrently, a substantial 68% of landlords are dedicating more time to enhancing the tenant experience, underscoring a proactive approach towards tenant satisfaction and overall service quality.

Jon Hall, the Group Managing Director of Mortgages and Savings at OSB Group, emphasizes the critical role played by landlords in society. He points out that this research not only reflects landlords’ optimism about the future of the sector but also highlights their unwavering commitment to adapting and thriving in a dynamic property market. This commitment is pivotal in maintaining a positive impact on the rental market and ensuring a robust and sustainable future for the Private Rented Sector.

Landlords are strategically adapting to the evolving Private Rented Sector (PRS), focusing on long-term enhancements despite facing various challenges. Engaging in future financial planning, investing in business growth, and prioritizing positive tenant relationships are key initiatives reflecting landlords’ commitment to the sector. These proactive measures are aimed at contributing positively to the PRS, with a collective hope for sustained efforts over the coming months and beyond.

The research sheds light on landlords’ primary motivations, highlighting their focus on earning potential and the desire to pass down wealth to future generations. Investing in a tangible asset and positively impacting tenants’ lives also emerge as significant drivers for landlords. This commitment to tenant well-being is not merely theoretical, as evidenced by the actions of 75% of landlords who are actively engaging or planning to engage with tenants. This engagement aims to gain a better understanding of tenant needs and foster positive relationships, demonstrating a hands-on approach to tenant satisfaction.

Beyond financial considerations, landlords are recognizing the importance of their role in influencing tenant experiences. Approximately 25% of landlords express a clear desire to make a positive impact on tenants’ lives in the long run. This proactive stance indicates a broader vision of landlord responsibilities that extends beyond financial transactions, emphasizing the potential for landlords to contribute positively to the overall well-being of tenants and the rental sector.

As landlords navigate the complex landscape of legislative changes and market dynamics, their investment in staying ahead of these shifts is notable. More than two-thirds of landlords are actively investing or planning to invest in measures that keep them abreast of legislative changes. This forward-looking approach signifies a commitment to adaptability, ensuring landlords are well-positioned to navigate the evolving landscape of the PRS and fulfill their responsibilities effectively.



OSB finance house

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