February 14

London Rental Market Urgently Needs Reform


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A tax consultancy, Cornerstone, asserts that almost a quarter of London tenants have undergone the challenge of relocating more than five times within a span of five years. The consultancy shares a range of statistics in a statement, labeling them as “exclusive data.” However, the statement lacks clarity on the data’s source and the specific number of tenants included in the survey.

This reported trend raises concerns about the housing stability of London renters, pointing towards a significant level of transience in the rental market. The impact of frequent relocations on tenants’ lives, financial stability, and the broader housing landscape remains a noteworthy aspect, demanding attention and examination. Understanding the factors contributing to such high mobility could shed light on potential challenges within the London rental market.

Cornerstone claims that 25% of London renters have experienced the need to relocate more than five times in the past five years. This significant mobility highlights the challenges tenants face in securing stable and long-term housing. However, the consultancy’s statement provides extensive statistics based on what it terms “exclusive data,” lacking clarity on the data source and the number of tenants represented.

The survey further discloses that 25% of London renters have lost out on preferred rental properties within the last two years due to bidding wars, illustrating the competitive nature of the rental market. Concurrently, 37% of London landlords are contemplating selling their properties, indicating the strain of rising maintenance costs on property owners. This reveals a dual struggle within the London rental landscape, impacting both tenants and landlords.

According to Cornerstone’s findings, 31% of London landlords express that their most significant mental health strain is managing tenants. Additionally, 30% admit to having insufficient knowledge of the lettings sector, resulting in potential financial losses. These revelations underscore the intricate challenges faced by landlords, adding a human dimension to the complexities of the London rental market, affecting mental well-being and financial stability.

In light of the survey results, a representative from Cornerstone emphasizes the pressing need for legislative reform in London’s rental market. The call for immediate action is directed towards abolishing no-fault evictions, a move intended to close loopholes exploited by a minority of landlords to the detriment of tenants. It underscores the importance of reshaping the rental landscape to benefit both tenants and landlords by addressing issues like undersupply and the continuous rise in costs.

The spokesperson further highlights the imperative for the government to consider comprehensive measures that promote fairness and transparency within the rental sector. By eliminating practices such as no-fault evictions, the aim is to foster a more equitable environment for tenants and create a balanced relationship between landlords and those seeking accommodation in London. The emphasis is on creating a system that prioritizes the well-being of both parties and addresses the existing challenges plaguing the city’s rental market.

To achieve a rental market that functions efficiently for all stakeholders, the spokesperson urges policymakers to explore solutions that go beyond immediate concerns, looking into sustainable measures that ensure stability and fairness in the long term. This involves not only rectifying current loopholes but also implementing measures that anticipate future challenges, fostering a rental market that is resilient, transparent, and capable of meeting the diverse needs of both tenants and landlords in the dynamic London landscape.

“This legislation should therefore be accompanied by a host of fair and balanced improvements to the wider system, which ensure that becoming a landlord remains an attractive proposition in the UK. This could involve streamlining the eviction procedure for landlords that genuinely have to deal with troublesome tenants.”


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