January 16

NRLA Supports Labour Mayor’s Crackdown on Rogue Landlords


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The concept of introducing a ‘good landlord’ scheme in Greater Manchester has garnered approval from Ben Beadle, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Residential Landlords Association. In his endorsement, Beadle expresses the belief that such a scheme offers a valuable opportunity to distinguish the responsible and law-abiding majority of landlords from the criminal and rogue minority, whose actions cast a negative light on the entire sector.

Beadle emphasizes the importance of creating a framework that recognizes and rewards the good practices of landlords. By implementing a ‘good landlord’ scheme, Greater Manchester aims to foster a sense of accountability within the landlord community and showcase the positive contributions made by the majority. This initiative could potentially contribute to a more reputable and trustworthy rental sector, benefiting both landlords and tenants alike.

In a recent guest column for the Big Issue, Ben Beadle expressed his support for the ‘good landlord’ scheme put forth by Labour Mayor Andy Burnham. According to Beadle, endorsing this initiative provides an opportunity to distinguish responsible landlords, who constitute the majority, from the criminal and rogue minority that tarnishes the sector’s reputation. By backing such schemes, Beadle believes the industry can reinforce a commitment to maintaining high standards and integrity in property management.

As the chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, Beadle asserts that the ‘good landlord’ scheme should not merely stand alone but be accompanied by robust policies that encourage and support responsible landlords. He stresses the importance of creating an environment where these landlords feel incentivized to provide high-quality homes to tenants. While acknowledging that a significant portion of both private and social renters express satisfaction with their accommodations, Beadle argues that addressing the minority of landlords who fall short is crucial. These landlords not only bring misery to their tenants but also cast a shadow over the commendable efforts of the majority in the housing sector.

“We must facilitate tenants in distinguishing responsible landlords from those who should be excluded from the sector permanently,” says Ben Beadle, expressing support for Andy Burnham’s initiative. While acknowledging the positive direction of Burnham’s idea, Beadle emphasizes the need for practical support to assist landlords in fulfilling their obligations.

Beadle highlights energy efficiency as an example, pointing out the current legal requirement for private rented properties to achieve a minimum energy efficiency rating of ‘E,’ unless a registered exemption is in place. He advocates for implementing measures that not only set standards but also provide the necessary support for landlords to meet these obligations effectively.

“The Good Landlord Charter advocates for a substantial upgrade in the energy efficiency rating of properties to at least a ‘C.’ This ambitious goal, while commendable, demands careful planning and significant financial investments. To support responsible landlords in this endeavor, the implementation of a detailed roadmap becomes imperative, providing a clear pathway for achieving the proposed energy standards.

Considering that around one-third of private rented homes were constructed before 1919, surpassing the proportion in owner-occupied and social rented sectors, this poses a unique challenge. These properties, among the oldest housing stock in the country, present formidable obstacles to improvement, both in terms of difficulty and expense. Addressing such complexities requires a nuanced approach and targeted support for landlords navigating the intricacies of upgrading these historic properties to meet modern energy efficiency standards.”

“Burnham’s Greater Manchester Good Landlord Charter introduces several contentious proposals, such as granting all renters the right to request a property check, boosting inspection and enforcement capabilities, and enhancing landlord accountability to tenants.

In conclusion, Beadle asserts that while Andy Burnham’s initiative to support responsible landlords and eliminate rogue elements is commendable, it is crucial for the rhetoric to be substantiated by concrete policies. The implementation of effective plans is essential, and there is a willingness to collaborate in developing such strategies. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and practical framework that benefits both landlords and tenants, fostering a responsible and accountable rental sector in Greater Manchester.”




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