June 13

Renters Reform Bill: Activists Reverse Course and Shift Stance


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Over the weekend, the Renters Reform Coalition, a campaign predominantly led by the Generation Rent organization, took to Twitter, stating: The government promised a ‘better deal for renters’, yet the bill as currently written will continue to allow many unfair evictions

Additionally, the coalition provided activists with a pre-drafted letter intended for Members of Parliament.

This stands in stark contrast to the coalition’s initial reaction upon the bill’s release, when it hailed the occasion as a significant milestone for the 11 million private renters in England, citing years of tireless advocacy from countless dissatisfied tenants and pro-tenant groups.

However, the coalition, consisting of prominent organizations such as the National Union of Students and Z2K Fighting Poverty, now asserts that the bill contains substantial loopholes that deprive renters of the promised resolution to unfair evictions.

The coalition also devised a standard letter template to assist activists in corresponding with Members of Parliament.

This development signifies a notable departure from the coalition’s initial reaction upon the publication of the Bill. During that time, they hailed it as a momentous occasion for the 11 million private renters in England, attributing its realization to the relentless campaigning efforts of countless dissatisfied renters and pro-tenant organizations.

However, the coalition, which encompasses esteemed groups like the National Union of Students and Z2K Fighting Poverty, now contends that the Bill possesses significant flaws that will obstruct renters from attaining the promised resolution to unjust evictions.

As part of their ongoing campaign, the coalition encourages supporters to utilize their online tool to electronically communicate their concerns regarding renters’ rights to their respective MPs. They also extend invitations to attend the Renters’ Reform Coalition’s parliamentary drop-in event and request MPs to address critical issues during the second reading.

Furthermore, they guide supporters in composing letters to their MPs, instructing them to enter their postal code in the designated box. Upon clicking ‘continue,’ a draft email will be generated, which can be modified, if desired, before being sent to the appropriate MP.

“It’s as simple as that.

“If you have the capacity and time, we encourage you to customize the email by sharing your motivation for joining the campaign in favor of renters’ rights. You can also include any relevant experiences you may have had with private renting, as MPs tend to be more responsive to emails that have been personalized.”

The Renters Reform Coalition receives funding from the Nationwide Foundation, which itself receives funding from the Nationwide Building Society. The foundation’s website, while outlining its financial support, states, “This enables Generation Rent to host the Renters’ Reform Coalition, a collective of organizations that amplify renters’ voices and provide support.”

Despite the coalition’s current highly critical stance on the Renters Reform Bill, the press release issued by Housing Secretary Michael Gove at the time of the bill’s publication featured positive statements from Generation Rent.


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