January 25

Shelter Teams Up with High Street Bank for Housing Advocacy


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HSBC collaborates with Shelter for housing advocacy campaigns. According to the charity, in partnership with HSBC UK, Shelter offers practical advice on various housing matters through its website, along with a free web-chat service, emergency national helpline, and in-person services nationwide.

Shelter and HSBC UK have joined forces to amplify efforts in promoting financial resilience and tackling the persistent issue of homelessness. Leveraging the foundation laid by the bank’s pioneering ‘No Fixed Address’ bank account service, the collaboration aims to empower more individuals and communities to break free from the cycle of homelessness.

This strategic partnership involves not only providing crucial funding for emergency assistance measures but also entails an ambitious expansion of existing Shelter programs. Through a blend of digital initiatives and in-person services, the objective is to offer comprehensive support, aiding people in developing and maintaining financial health.

In various locations, such as Birmingham and Lancashire, innovative pilot projects have been initiated to address homelessness concerns at the community level. These projects strategically intervene in local settings like warm banks, GP surgeries, and even unconventional venues like football clubs. The targeted efforts are designed to reach and assist over 3,000 individuals facing a higher risk of homelessness, including vulnerable groups such as single-parent families, marginalized individuals, and those with complex needs.

Shelter’s spokesperson, Nadeem Khan, emphasizes the pivotal role of community-based interventions, especially considering the housing emergency’s prevailing challenges. With the housing landscape becoming increasingly daunting, Khan reassures individuals that they don’t have to navigate these difficulties alone. Reflecting on the hardships of 2023, marked by soaring housing costs and a surge in evictions, the organization is geared towards helping millions as they step into 2024, harboring genuine concerns about the security of their homes.

As Shelter continues to confront the housing emergency head-on, the organization bears witness to the profound toll it exacts on people’s lives – a relentless pressure that translates into sleepless nights and persistent anxiety. Recognizing the critical nature of the crisis, Shelter, in partnership with HSBC UK, is intensifying its support mechanisms. This collaborative effort not only targets those in immediate crisis but also extends a helping hand to individuals at risk, guiding them toward a path of greater stability and security.

Maxine Pritchard, Head of Financial Inclusion and Vulnerability at HSBC UK, reinforces the importance of early intervention for those grappling with financial worries. Pritchard emphasizes that seeking help and advice at the initial signs of concern can make a substantial difference. The joint endeavors of HSBC UK and Shelter have already proven impactful, aiding thousands in rebuilding their lives amidst homelessness. Their ongoing collaboration is now poised to expand its reach, striving to empower more individuals and communities to proactively build financial resilience and access meaningful support before reaching a crisis point.

Getting on top of your finances can take time, but there are actions everyone can do to improve their financial health whatever their financial situation may be.  We stand ready to help, and the important thing is that people understand and feel comfortable accessing information and support in a way that works best for them.” 


HSBC UK, Shelter Housing Advocacy Campaign, Shelter Teams Up with High Street Bank for Housing Advocacy

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