June 25

Young Adults’ Housing Anxiety Peaks in New Survey


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According to a recent public attitudes poll commissioned by Places for People, more than one in four young people aged 16 to 24 are apprehensive about the prospect of experiencing homelessness themselves or seeing someone they know face it within the next 12 months. This sentiment underscores a widespread concern among youth regarding housing security and stability in the near future.

The study, which involved gathering opinions from 550 young respondents as part of a larger survey encompassing 4,000 UK citizens, reveals a significant level of unease among younger demographics about their housing situations. The findings suggest that these worries are prevalent and reflect broader anxieties about housing affordability, economic uncertainties, and access to stable accommodation among young adults.

In light of these findings, the poll sheds light on the growing awareness and concern among young people regarding the potential risks of homelessness. The high percentage of respondents expressing such concerns underscores the need for policies and initiatives that address housing affordability and security, particularly for younger generations facing economic challenges and uncertain housing prospects.


The study found that young people aged 16 to 24: 

  • Over a quarter (28%) of young people express significant concern about the possibility of themselves or someone they know becoming homeless within the next year.
  • Only 10% of young people are opposed to new affordable housing developments in their local area, indicating relatively strong support for increasing housing availability.
  • When it comes to prioritizing between saving money and environmental considerations in relation to the energy efficiency of their homes, less than one in six (16%) young people prioritize environmental concerns over financial savings.

Nearly seven in ten (68%) young people advocate for prioritizing social housing for those experiencing homelessness, including those who are rough sleeping or living in inadequate temporary accommodations.

Additionally, a significant majority (81%) of individuals aged 16 to 24 express a belief that the government should allocate more funding towards initiatives aimed at preventing homelessness. This sentiment is echoed across different age groups, with approximately 78% of respondents overall sharing the view that the Prime Minister should increase the construction of social housing to address homelessness.

These perspectives contribute to a notable trend among young people showing less opposition to the development of new affordable or social housing in their local areas. They also demonstrate strong support for creating mixed communities, with over two-thirds (67%) advocating for new housing projects to encompass various tenure types, including social rent.

A spokesperson from Places for People expressed concern over the heightened anxiety among young people regarding homelessness. They highlighted the pressing issue of affordable housing, which increasingly excludes young individuals from accessing secure and quality homes essential for their future stability. The spokesperson underscored that a significant proportion—about one in four young people or their acquaintances—are apprehensive about facing homelessness within the next year.

The spokesperson emphasized the urgent need for a supportive social framework that offers opportunities rather than instilling fear in young people. They stressed the importance of amplifying the voices of the youth in shaping effective solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. Despite their noted awareness of climate issues and commitment to inclusivity, the overarching message from young people remains unequivocal: there is a critical imperative to construct more suitable housing options, including student accommodation and affordable homes tailored for their needs.

According to Places for People, addressing this housing shortage is crucial not only to meet current demand but also to lay the groundwork for future generations to thrive. They concluded by asserting that action is imperative now, moving beyond dialogue to tangible efforts in housing construction.



Young Adults' Housing Anxiety Peaks in New Survey

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