July 17

Arrested Tory MP, Rental Reformer


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A prominent rental reform campaigner, a member of the Conservative Party, has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of various sexual offenses. The MP in question is Andrew Rosindell, representing the constituency of Romford. 

Among his efforts in Parliament, Rosindell introduced the Dogs and Domestic Animals Accommodation and Protection Bill. This proposed legislation aimed to allow dogs and other animals to reside in rented accommodations, provided that their owners demonstrated responsible care for them. 

The bill garnered support from multiple parties and received endorsement from respected animal welfare organizations such as the RSPCA, Battersea, Dogs Trust, Cats Protection, and Dogs on the Streets. Unfortunately, due to limited time for parliamentary debates caused by COVID-19 restrictions, the Bill did not progress as no allocated government time was available.


Andrew Rosindell

Due to Andrew Rosindell’s absence from Parliament for an extended period, the proposed measure he championed has not been revived. While the arrest of a Conservative MP had been known for over a year, it was only recently that The Times, a mainstream media outlet, officially named Rosindell. Since January 2020, Rosindell has been under investigation by the Metropolitan Police and was formally detained in May of the same year. 

Despite denying any wrongdoing, he remains on bail, which has been extended multiple times. Following a request from Conservative chief whip Chris Heaton-Harris, Rosindell agreed to stay away from Parliament, resulting in his absence from voting and speaking in the Commons. 

According to The Times, his constituents are unaware of the ongoing investigation and his agreement to stay away from Parliament. Nevertheless, the paper notes that he has participated in overseas trips as part of his involvement in all-party parliamentary groups.

According to a statement issued by the Metropolitan Police during the time of Rosindell’s arrest, they received a report in January 2020 regarding alleged sexual offenses that took place between 2002 and 2009 in London.

In 2021, Rosindell proposed an amendment to the Tenant Fees Act, advocating for renters to have the option to pay for insurance covering pet damage. This amendment aimed to relieve landlords from the responsibility of covering such costs if they allowed pets on their properties.

In the introduction of a report by the pro-pet group AdvoCATS, Rosindell expressed his concerns about the negative impact of the Tenant Fees Act of 2019 on promoting pet ownership among renters. He highlighted the significance of pets in alleviating loneliness and self-isolation, particularly during the pandemic.

Rosindell suggests that amending the legislation to enable landlords to include insurance as part of permitted payments would be a constructive step forward. He expresses hope that the government will consider this option and explore its potential benefits.


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Andrew Rosindell, Arrested Tory MP, Conservative Party member, Rental reform campaigner

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