July 20

Co-Op Bank Joins Shelter Anti-Eviction Campaign


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Shelter, a campaign charity, has gained support from the Co-Op Bank in their new anti-eviction initiative.

The bank provided funding for Shelter’s research, revealing that 172 private renting families in England receive Section 21 eviction notices daily, equating to one every eight minutes.

Nick Slape, CEO of The Co-operative Bank, emphasizes their commitment to combating poverty and inequality in the UK. He asserts that they are campaigning alongside Shelter to address this issue. While encouraged by the introduction of the Renters Reform Bill to parliament, they urge the government to take concrete action promptly, as families nationwide are relying on it.

According to the charity’s recent analysis of a YouGov survey, supported by the Bank, over 188,000 families with children who are private renters have experienced eviction notices in the past three years, leading to heightened instability.

Anti-Eviction Campaign

The polling also indicates that nearly one in five private renting families (approximately 277,000 families) have had to relocate three or more times within the last five years.

Renters Reform Bill

Despite the government’s introduction of the Renters Reform Bill in May, aiming to prohibit Section 21 evictions and provide various renter protections, the Bill has made no progress in Parliament.

Polly Neate, Shelter’s Chief Executive, expresses concern over the government’s delay in implementing the Renters Reform Bill. During MPs’ six-week summer break, an additional 172 families will face no-fault eviction notices each day, allowing them only two months to vacate their homes.

As private rents soar and affordable social homes remain scarce, individuals facing imminent eviction confront an increasingly hostile situation. Instead of enjoying a relaxing holiday, these families will desperately scramble to secure alternative housing. Many parents may be forced to accept exorbitant rents and substandard living conditions or grapple with the possibility of homelessness.

It is utterly unacceptable that the Renters Reform Bill, which was meant to prohibit eviction notices years ago, has seen no progress in Parliament. Countless eviction notices continue to be served, and the government must reintroduce the Bill promptly when Parliament resumes. The 11 million private renters in England are relying on this action.


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