July 12

Council’s Rogue Landlord Prosecutions: Tenant Rights


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A council proudly announces its accomplishment in prosecuting landlords engaging in unlawful activities. Somerset council reveals its successful prosecution of a Taunton landlord who violated the Housing Act 2004 by not complying with the licensing requirements for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). The landlord, who neglected to obtain licenses for eight properties in the Taunton region, pleaded guilty and has been imposed a fine of £34,640.

Furthermore, a recent court ruling dismissed a case involving a landlord’s attempt to obtain an injunction against the former Somerset West and Taunton District Council, which has undergone structural changes, in order to hinder the council from fulfilling its legal obligation to inspect a property in Taunton.

Somerset CouncilThe council issued enforcement notices to address housing deficiencies and violations of the Housing Act 2004 on the landlord’s property. In response, the landlord sought to serve an injunction, but the court did not endorse this action and instead ordered the landlord to pay the council a sum of £6,000.

According to a representative from the local council, “We maintain a close collaboration with landlords in Somerset, providing them with assistance to fulfill their legal responsibilities. Nonetheless, we are resolute in taking robust enforcement measures and imposing penalties when necessary. The council is content with the resolution of these court cases and aspires for it to serve as a powerful deterrent against other landlords who may consider neglecting their duties.”

Positive landlord-tenant relationship

In addition, the council recognizes the importance of fostering a positive landlord-tenant relationship in Somerset. It strives to promote a supportive environment by offering guidance and resources to landlords, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of their legal obligations successfully.

Nevertheless, the council remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring compliance with housing regulations. It firmly believes that taking decisive enforcement actions and imposing penalties when warranted is vital to maintain the integrity of the rental market and protect the rights of tenants. 

By publicizing the outcomes of these court cases, the council aims to send a resounding message that violations will not be tolerated, serving as a deterrent to other landlords who might contemplate neglecting their responsibilities.

The council’s satisfaction with the resolution of these cases reflects its dedication to upholding housing standards and safeguarding the welfare of tenants. Through ongoing collaboration and stringent enforcement, the council aspires to foster a rental sector in Somerset that is characterized by professionalism, accountability, and the provision of safe, habitable homes for all residents.

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