November 27

Homes Below £1,000 pcm: A New League Table Unveiled


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In a comprehensive analysis of the rental landscape, recent research has meticulously identified locations boasting the largest volume of available rental stock. The primary focus was on units priced at or below the current average rent, providing valuable insights into the accessibility of affordable housing in various urban settings.

The study delved into the current average cost of renting across 15 major British cities, offering a detailed examination of the rental market’s existing inventory. By specifically considering properties at or below the affordability benchmark, the research aimed to shed light on which city stands out for hosting the most substantial supply of rental options within reach for a diverse range of residents.

The research sheds light on the distribution of available rental properties across England, revealing that a noteworthy 31% of the current rental stock is listed at £1,000 per month or less—a figure closely aligned with the prevailing average rent of £960 per month. This affordability trend is even more pronounced in Scotland, where 55% of rental listings are within or below the average monthly rental amount of £1,042, and in Wales, where 52% align with the average monthly rental amount of £1,032.

Delving into the city-level analysis, Sheffield emerges as a promising location for tenants seeking properties at or below the average cost of renting in the city. With the current average rental cost in Sheffield standing at £717 per month, the research highlights a substantial inventory of 1,739 rental properties listed with an asking rent of up to £800. This represents a substantial 68% of the total rental stock currently available across the city.

Moreover, the data underscores the significance of Sheffield in offering a higher percentage of affordable rental options compared to other major cities, providing tenants with a diverse range of choices that align with or fall below the city’s average rental rates. This information could be valuable for individuals seeking affordable housing solutions in a city with a competitive rental market.

Liverpool secures the second spot in affordability, boasting an average monthly rental cost of £664. What sets Liverpool apart is the abundance of options for budget-conscious tenants, as a substantial 62% of the current rental stock features asking rents of up to £700 per month. This diversity in available properties not only aligns with the city’s average rent but also provides a favorable landscape for those seeking cost-effective housing solutions.

Shifting focus to Glasgow, where the average cost of renting stands at £1,105 per month, the city exhibits a unique market dynamic. With 61% of the current available rental stock listed with an asking rent of up to £1,200 per month, Glasgow presents a considerable inventory of rental properties that cater to or fall below the city’s average monthly rental rate. This signifies a competitive and varied rental market in Glasgow, offering tenants a range of choices that suit their budgetary preferences.

Despite London’s reputation as the most expensive city for rentals in Britain, an interesting trend emerges. Approximately 21% of the current rental offerings in London boast an asking rent that is close to or falls below the city’s average rental cost of £1,751 per month. This surprising finding challenges the common perception of London as an exclusively high-cost rental market, revealing a noteworthy proportion of reasonably priced properties.

However, when we shift our focus to Newcastle, a different narrative unfolds. Despite not being the most expensive city in terms of average rent (£681 per month), Newcastle presents a challenging landscape for tenants seeking budget-friendly options. A mere nine percent of all current rental listings in Newcastle come with an asking price of £700 per month or less. This scarcity of affordable rentals in Newcastle underscores the importance of understanding regional variations in the rental market.

This analysis prompts a deeper exploration into the dynamics of rental affordability across various cities, shedding light on the nuanced landscape of the UK rental market. As tenants navigate the challenges of finding reasonably priced accommodations, these insights provide valuable information for making informed decisions in the diverse rental landscape of British cities.

The research, conducted on behalf of deposit alternative service Zero Deposit, delves into the challenges faced by tenants in today’s rental market. Sam Reynolds, the Chief Executive, emphasizes the current complexity of the rental landscape, stating that successfully navigating it has become an exceptionally tough task for many tenants. Research becomes a crucial aspect, particularly in a market where compromise has become a common theme. Tenants find themselves making concessions on factors such as the number of bedrooms, outdoor space, and, increasingly, the location of the property.

In the quest for an acceptable rental property, compromises have become a necessity, reflecting the broader trend in the rental market. The study suggests that relying solely on statistics regarding the ‘average’ cost of renting in an area might not provide a realistic benchmark for assessing the true affordability of a given location. As tenants grapple with the challenges of finding suitable accommodations, understanding the nuanced dynamics of affordability in different areas becomes essential for making well-informed decisions in the current rental market.


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