August 23

Labour Council Landlord Licensing Alert


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A Labour-led council has alerted local landlords to the looming deadline for license applications, with a significant fee increase anticipated. Oxford’s selective licensing, active since September 2022, mandates licenses for all private rentals. Over 10,500 applications received so far; those not applying by September 1 will face higher fees (£1,100). The initial year has a £480 fee for a five-year license. Council issued 1,466 licenses, and unlicensed landlords risk penalties up to £30,000, while courts can impose unlimited fines.

Tenants residing in unlicensed properties can seek a Rent Repayment Order through the First Tier Tribunal. Additionally, unlicensed landlords and agents may need to reimburse housing benefits received from the council. Serving a section 21 eviction notice is prohibited. According to a council spokesperson, unlicensed landlords and agents should act swiftly, as application fees rise from £480 to £1,100 on September 1. Enforcement action is a risk for unlicensed properties. Nearly 10,500 license applications have been received, ensuring tenant safety and promoting responsible landlord practices.

The council spokeswoman emphasizes the urgency for unlicensed landlords and agents to take action, given the impending fee increase to £1,100 on September 1. Failure to obtain a license exposes properties to enforcement action. With nearly 10,500 license applications already received, the council aims to ensure tenant safety and promote responsible landlord practices.

Local tenants are at the forefront of this initiative. Having a proper license in place not only safeguards the interests of landlords but also guarantees the well-being and peace of mind of those renting these properties. The increased fees reflect the council’s commitment to maintaining quality standards and ensuring that every tenant has access to a safe and well-managed home.

As the deadline approaches, it’s essential for landlords and agents to swiftly submit their applications. Beyond avoiding higher fees, obtaining a license contributes to the overall professionalism of the property rental sector. This move towards regulation helps foster a positive rental experience for both landlords and tenants, ultimately enhancing the reputation of the local property market.

The efforts of the council highlight their dedication to improving the housing landscape for all stakeholders involved. By streamlining the licensing process and encouraging compliance, they aim to create a community where all residents can enjoy the benefits of safe and secure housing arrangements.


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