July 26

Labour Council’s £50k Landlord Licensing Exploration


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A council in the southeastern part of England is considering the implementation of a significant landlord licensing scheme. Councilors have allocated £50,000 to assess the necessity of selective or additional licensing for homes in Medway’s private rented sector. The approved budget will also enable engagement and consultation with landlords, tenants, and stakeholders to gather valuable input on the matter.

Medway, a unitary authority encompassing areas like Rochester and Gillingham in Kent, currently sees around 20% of households renting privately. Although there is no specified timeframe for the feasibility study, formal consultation periods would follow if the idea gains approval from councilors.


A council spokesperson expresses optimism about tackling issues related to private rented properties, aiming for high-quality living standards for all residents in Medway. Recognizing the challenges faced by landlords, the proposed measures would also include providing landlords with valuable advice if implemented.

A council in the southeast of England is exploring the idea of introducing a substantial landlord licensing scheme. They have set aside £50,000 to assess whether selective or additional licensing is needed for homes in the private rented sector in Medway. This budget will also allow for engagement and consultation with landlords, tenants, and stakeholders to gather valuable feedback on the proposal.

Medway, a unitary authority covering regions like Rochester and Gillingham in Kent, currently has approximately 20% of households renting privately. This increasing trend underscores the significance of addressing challenges associated with private rented properties.

The council aims to gather varied viewpoints through extensive engagement and consultation, ensuring informed decisions on Medway’s landlord licensing.

In summary, the council’s exploration of landlord licensing demonstrates their dedication to tackling housing challenges and enhancing living standards for residents. Involving stakeholders in the process aims to find a balanced solution benefiting both tenants and landlords. As the feasibility study advances, the community eagerly anticipates the potential positive impacts on Medway’s private rented sector.


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