November 21

Landlord Confidence Soars, a Strong Real Estate Comeback


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Recent months have witnessed a significant resurgence in landlord confidence, according to a comprehensive survey conducted by a prominent buy-to-let-focused bank. The research, undertaken by BVA BDRC on behalf of Paragon Bank, meticulously measured various aspects of landlord confidence. The findings revealed a noteworthy improvement across the board during the third quarter in comparison to the preceding quarter.

This positive upswing in confidence is primarily attributed to more stable market conditions and a favorable economic outlook. Landlords, whose optimism had faced challenges in the past, are now experiencing a renewed sense of assurance, buoyed by the encouraging trends observed in both the property market and the broader economic landscape.

In the third quarter of 2023, landlord confidence witnessed a robust rebound, showcasing positive indicators across various aspects of the rental market. A significant uptick of 16 percentage points in the outlook for rental yields stood out, with an impressive 49% of landlords expressing confidence in the performance of this crucial element of their lettings business during Q3. This substantial increase was complemented by an 11-percentage-point surge in the proportion of landlords expressing confidence in the future prospects of their individual lettings business, marking the second-largest boost observed.

Moreover, the positive momentum extended to other key areas, indicating an overall improvement in the sentiment of landlords. Confidence in the private rented sector experienced an eight-percentage-point increase, highlighting a more optimistic outlook compared to the previous quarter. Additionally, expectations for capital gains recorded a notable rise of six percentage points, suggesting a growing confidence among landlords regarding potential gains in property value. This collective upswing signifies a more stable and positive landscape for landlords, driven by improved market conditions and economic stability.

The survey, encompassing nearly 800 landlords, indicates a nuanced shift in optimism for the UK financial market, recording a modest two-percentage-point uptick in confidence. This subtle increase, however, contrasts with the broader landscape where landlords demonstrate heightened assurance across various facets of letting compared to the same period in 2022.

Specifically, landlords exhibit a notable surge in optimism regarding rental yields, with a remarkable uplift of 16 percentage points since Q2 2023. In Q3, 49% of landlords expressed positive expectations for rental yields, marking a substantial improvement. This positive trend extends to landlords’ confidence in the prospects of their individual lettings businesses, showcasing an 11-percentage-point increase—the second-largest rise observed. Despite these encouraging trends, confidence in capital gains remains relatively subdued, presenting an area where landlords express more cautious sentiments.

Paragon Bank’s Managing Director of Mortgages, Richard Rowntree, underscores a remarkable upswing in landlord optimism, reflecting the restored stability evident in the market and the broader economic landscape. This positive shift comes at a crucial juncture when landlords, playing a pivotal role in the UK’s housing provision, need to feel confident in the investment environment. The observed improvement is particularly noteworthy as the demand for housing continues to outstrip the available supply.

Highlighting the essential role landlords play, Rowntree emphasizes the importance of instilling confidence in the investment climate. This becomes even more significant amid the ongoing challenge of housing demand consistently surpassing available supply. The positive sentiment among landlords is a testament to the resilience of the property market and its ability to adapt to changing economic conditions.

Rowntree acknowledges the ongoing efforts to enhance the Private Rented Sector (PRS) for both tenants and landlords. While recognizing the progress made, he remains optimistic about future developments that could further improve the dynamics of the rental market. Government recognition of the value of private investment in housing is seen as a positive sign, indicating a collaborative approach to address the challenges faced by both landlords and tenants.

Furthermore, he points out that the research was conducted before key updates in housing policies, such as the postponement of Section 21 removal and the introduction of a new possession ground for student landlords. These recent changes, integral to the Renter’s Reform Bill, are likely to be well-received by landlords. Rowntree anticipates that these amendments could contribute significantly to the observed positive shift in outlook within the property sector.

In conclusion, the research findings signal not only an uptick in landlord confidence but also an evolving landscape where policymakers are attuned to the needs and challenges faced by landlords. The positive outlook, coupled with ongoing policy adjustments, bodes well for the future of the Private Rented Sector in the UK.


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Landlord Confidence Soars, Paragon Bank, Sentiment Survey

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