July 28

Landlord & Home Complaints: Islington Council


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Islington council has introduced a new scheme, requiring landlords of over 5,000 homes to obtain a license and maintain quality housing for tenants. Finsbury Park, Tollington, and Hillrise areas are targeted due to reported issues with substandard conditions. Private landlords in these regions must register and upgrade their properties to meet standards. 

With a significant portion of properties being privately rented in Islington, the council aims to safeguard renters and provide a secure living environment. Approximately 75% of tenants who participated in the consultation expressed support for these measures.

The local council has received a vast number of complaints concerning disrepair, dampness, inadequate facilities, and safety issues in rental properties. Recently approved, the selective licensing scheme will now cover 5,400 homes in three wards, replacing the previous Finsbury Park scheme. 

It applies to all privately rented houses or flats occupied by individuals or households in those wards. The council spokesperson emphasizes their commitment to ensuring safe and affordable homes for all residents, particularly in light of the government’s shortcomings in supporting private renters.

Islington Council

Home Complaints..

According to the council, most landlords in Islington are responsible and offer quality homes to renters. However, there are concerns about a significant number of properties having safety and other problems, with rising rents adding to the issue. The new licensing scheme is aimed at compelling landlords in high-risk areas to take better care of their tenants’ safety or face enforcement actions from the council’s team.

The new initiative introduced by Islington council has received positive feedback from renters, who have long voiced concerns about housing conditions and rising rents. The main goal of the licensing scheme is to address areas with potential hazards, ensuring that landlords provide safer living environments for their tenants.

To ensure compliance, the council’s enforcement team will closely monitor landlords, and those failing to meet the required standards may face consequences. By expanding the scheme’s coverage to 5,400 homes, the council is taking more robust actions to tackle housing issues in specific targeted regions.

The licensing scheme is just one part of Islington council’s broader efforts to advocate for renters and hold landlords accountable for providing decent and affordable housing. These measures are intended to create a more secure rental market, benefiting both landlords and tenants in the long term. Additionally, the council stresses the importance of collaboration between local authorities, landlords, and tenants to improve housing conditions and ensure that everyone has a safe and comfortable place to call home.


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