July 25

Landlords Views Wanted: Council Extends Consultation


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A local authority in the north of England has prolonged the consultation period for landlords to provide their feedback.

Bolsover council aims to gain a deeper understanding of both landlords’ and tenants’ concerns by conducting a 10-question online survey. Originally scheduled to end on June 30, the deadline has now been extended to August 31.

The council seeks insights into the private rented sector, identifying its strengths and areas that require enhancement. The survey’s responses will play a crucial role in improving support for tenants and landlords, thus enhancing the overall state of the private rented sector.

“We’ve engaged the services of arc4 housing consultants to offer assistance with this task, and we warmly welcome your participation in the corresponding survey.”


Here is the survey designed for landlords’ input.

Bolsover council is making strides to enhance the private rented sector by seeking input from landlords and tenants. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the rental market, the council has extended the consultation period.

The survey, designed with the help of arc4 housing consultants, covers various aspects of the private rented sector. Landlords and tenants are encouraged to participate, sharing their valuable experiences, concerns, and suggestions.

The council’s main objective is to identify areas for improvement while acknowledging the strengths of the current system. By directly gathering insights from stakeholders, Bolsover council aims to implement targeted measures that cater to the specific needs of both tenants and landlords.

Bolsover council’s invitation to landlords fosters an open and constructive dialogue, recognizing their vital role in shaping the private rented sector’s future. The extended consultation, coupled with arc4 housing consultants’ involvement, showcases the council’s commitment to data-driven decisions for the benefit of landlords, tenants, and the community. This comprehensive approach ensures well-informed and responsive actions to meet stakeholders’ needs.


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