July 19

Letting Agents Support Afghan Refugees


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Private landlords are being approached by both local councils and ARLA Propertymark, a letting agents body, to assist in providing accommodation for refugees. Propertymark has joined forces with Homefinder UK, a non-profit national mobility scheme that collaborates with numerous local authorities and housing associations throughout the UK. Their shared objective is to help individuals and families affected by conflict by offering long-term, secure housing solutions.

In response to a recent government initiative to assist Afghan refugees in transitioning from temporary hotel accommodations to permanent housing in England’s West Midlands and North West regions, Homefinder UK aims to facilitate their settlement within local communities and provide necessary support during this transitional phase. 

Propertymark expresses support for such schemes that promote easier integration through the Private Rented Sector, particularly in light of the acknowledged shortage of available social housing.

In a statement, Propertymark acknowledges the existing challenges in the Private Rented Sector and emphasizes their commitment to fully supporting and equipping private landlords to offer safe and high-quality accommodation. 


Tim Thomas, Policy Officer at Propertymark, expresses their ongoing call for support in the private rented sector and encourages a broader commitment to addressing ongoing issues. Propertymark welcomes and fully supports the pilot scheme, partnering with Homefinder UK, and looks forward to continued collaboration. 

Given the significant shortage of social housing in many areas, Propertymark urges a thorough examination of available assistance to enable landlords to provide accommodation of the utmost quality.

Propertymark aims to establish a fair and practical system that addresses various complexities, including rising interest rates and upcoming changes like the Renters Reform Bill. Their goal is to enhance housing capacity and quality in accordance with the growing demand.

Propertymark acknowledges the crucial role played by the private rented sector in meeting housing demands, particularly considering the growing gap between demand and availability of social housing. They advocate for a thorough examination to identify effective strategies that can assist private landlords in providing secure and high-quality accommodation to meet the rising need.

The forthcoming Renters Reform Bill offers an opportunity to tackle the challenges faced by both tenants and landlords. Propertymark supports the establishment of a fair and rational system that upholds the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved, ultimately leading to improved housing outcomes for tenants and fostering a thriving private rented sector.

Furthermore, Propertymark highlights the significance of continuous dialogue and collaboration among industry stakeholders, governmental bodies, and housing organizations. This collective effort aims to develop impactful policies and initiatives that address the complexities and issues within the housing market, ultimately fostering sustainable and equitable housing solutions for everyone involved.


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Homefinder UK aids settlement of Afghan refugees, Letting agents support Afghan refugees, Private landlords collaborate with ARLA Propertymark

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