August 31

£17M Public Funds for Dual Licensing Schemes by Council


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Bristol’s Labour-led council plans to allocate around £17 million from local council taxes to fund two new licensing schemes. One proposal involves citywide additional licensing for most Houses in Multiple Occupation, while the second introduces selective licensing in three specific wards. The council states that it can’t profit from license fees, estimating operating costs of £12,516,316 for the additional scheme and £3,532,288 for the selective scheme.

A representative from the authority expressed, “Our aim is to provide renters throughout the city with confidence in the safety and security of their homes. Establishing clear standards and avenues to address property condition concerns is essential. Private renters have long endured insufficient safeguards and limited means to ensure suitable living conditions. Licensing imposes responsibilities on landlords or agents to uphold property standards and effective management practices.”

Although most landlords offer quality homes and positive tenant relationships, these added measures empower us to intervene in subpar conditions. Bristol’s prior licensing initiatives have yielded success, enhancing accommodation standards and combatting poor management practices.” A public consultation is currently underway, with stakeholders having until November 7 to contribute.

Bristol’s track record of effective licensing schemes exemplifies the local administration’s dedication to enhancing housing quality and addressing property management concerns. The ongoing discourse between the council and stakeholders will significantly shape the ultimate execution of these endeavours, potentially establishing a precedent for how other cities tackle housing regulations and tenant-safeguarding measures in the times ahead.

While several stakeholders commend the council’s proactive approach towards bettering rental conditions, others express reservations about the possible financial strain these licensing programmes might impose on landlords. As the public consultation phase unfolds, it presents a platform for landlords, tenants, and other concerned parties to contribute their insights regarding the proposed initiatives. This consultation process also facilitates a comprehensive evaluation of the projected ramifications, advantages, and hurdles linked with the licensing ventures.

Furthermore, the rollout of a selective licensing strategy within specific wards underscores the council’s objective to target areas facing unique challenges. This strategy acknowledges that diverse communities may grapple with distinct housing issues necessitating tailored solutions. By mandating most privately rented accommodations within these wards to acquire a license, the council aims to cultivate an enhanced sense of accountability and responsiveness in property management practices.


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