August 22

Local Council Firm Stance on HMOs Acknowledged


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The council proudly declares its stringent approach to HMO regulation. Blackburn with Darwen has imposed fresh regulations, necessitating planning permission for turning family homes into HMOs via an Article 4 Direction, approved by councilors.

Previously, HMO conversions occurred without planning permission in various borough areas. This has changed, and such conversions will be the exception. A council representative affirms, “We aimed for a robust stance on HMOs in our area.”

“While the planning efforts to limit HMO approvals in specific zones are deemed effective, rising worries across the Council emerge due to the borough’s escalating HMO bed count. Approximately 1,000 bed spaces exist in HMOs here, surpassing neighboring areas and mismatching local demands.

Previous Article 4 Directions from 2013 are reported to yield success in certain wards. These restrictions now encompass the entire urban area of the borough.”

The representative adds, “HMOs are highly profitable for owners, yet their abundance adversely affects our borough. It was clear we had to take more measures to counter this issue. The newfound authority empowers us to adopt a stronger stance on HMOs, notorious for attracting anti-social conduct and subpar standards.

“It’s a positive stride as we strive to foster healthier, more content, and secure communities.” With nearly ¬£1m in Government funding, the Council aims to enhance support for tenants in supported housing and implement stringent measures against what it terms “unscrupulous landlords.”

In response to concerns about increasing HMO numbers, the Council is taking proactive measures. Through the Article 4 Direction, they ensure regulated family home to HMO conversions, safeguarding the housing landscape’s integrity.

Prior success of Article 4 Directions in specific wards proves effectiveness. Expanding these limits across the urban area showcases Council dedication to a harmonious living environment.

The decision to secure Government funding for tenant support shows commitment to well-being. Addressing unscrupulous landlords elevates housing standards, guaranteeing safe residences for residents.

To sum up, Blackburn with Darwen Council’s steadfast HMO approach highlights housing market integrity commitment. Managing conversions and aiding tenants forms a holistic strategy for secure, thriving borough communities.


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