December 12

Record-Breaking Double-Digit Rise in Rents


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London has witnessed substantial rental growth in the past year, with the average rent reaching £2,425 per month—an impressive 11.8% surge compared to November 2022. This significant uptick has contributed to tenants in the capital collectively paying a record-breaking £32.1 billion in rent this year, outpacing the combined total in the North of England, Midlands, Wales, and Scotland.

The escalating rental figures underscore the financial dynamics in London’s real estate market, showcasing a remarkable increase over the last decade. The surge in average rents indicates a substantial impact on tenants, reinforcing the capital’s position as a key player in the UK rental landscape.

Rental growth in London remains robust, driven primarily by Inner London, where new tenancies experienced an impressive growth rate of 13.2% in the last month. This surge has propelled the average rent in the capital to £2,425 per calendar month, reflecting an 11.8% increase compared to November 2022. Consequently, tenants in London collectively paid a record-breaking £32.1 billion in rent this year, marking a significant upswing from £28.7 billion in 2022 and highlighting the city’s status as a pivotal hub in the rental market.

Beyond London, the Midlands has emerged as a noteworthy contender in the rental landscape, surpassing Scotland as the second-fastest region for rental growth last month. With a remarkable year-on-year growth of 10.9%, the Midlands is experiencing an upward trajectory in rental prices. This shift underscores the broader dynamics of the rental market, showcasing how growth patterns are evolving across different regions in Great Britain.

Despite a slight cooling trend observed since the peak of 12.0% in August, rental growth across Great Britain has demonstrated a surprising resilience. In the past month, seven out of the 11 regions witnessed a slowdown in the pace of rental growth, with Scotland and the South East experiencing the most significant monthly deceleration. However, the overall rental growth has not tapered off as much as anticipated, indicating a persistent demand for rental properties despite landlords facing increasing costs and a limited supply of available homes for rent.

In the most recent analysis conducted by the agency, it has been unveiled that the total rent paid by tenants across Great Britain is projected to reach an impressive £85.6 billion this year. This substantial figure underscores a remarkable shift, eclipsing the levels observed in 2010 by more than two-fold and representing a noteworthy 10% surge compared to the total rent recorded in 2022. Hamptons attributes this significant growth to the unprecedented double-digit rental increases witnessed over the past year, resulting in a considerable £8 billion upswing in the total rent bill. This surge from £77.6 billion in 2022 marks the most substantial annual increase ever recorded in the rental market.

This data not only reflects the dynamic nature of the rental landscape but also signals a considerable financial impact on tenants and the property market at large. The heightened demand and changing economic dynamics have propelled the rental market to new heights, emphasizing the evolving preferences and challenges faced by tenants and landlords alike. As the rental landscape continues to evolve, keeping a close eye on these trends becomes crucial for all stakeholders involved in the property market to make informed decisions and navigate the changing dynamics effectively.

The escalating total rent bill, now surpassing the £85.6 billion mark, reflects a substantial transformation in the rental landscape, more than doubling the £40.3 billion recorded in 2010. This remarkable surge can be attributed to a combination of factors, including a 25% increase in the number of households opting for renting, accounting for an additional 1.1 million households over the past decade. Simultaneously, rising rents have played a pivotal role in propelling the total rent bill to unprecedented levels, highlighting the dynamic interplay between market dynamics and the evolving preferences of tenants.

Against this backdrop, the average rent for newly let homes in Great Britain reached £1,348 per calendar month in November, representing a significant 10.2% surge compared to the same month last year. This marks the seventh instance of a double-digit increase over the past 12 months, showcasing the robust momentum in rental growth. Notably, this annual growth rate is the most robust recorded in any November since Hamptons began keeping records in 2014. As the rental market continues to demonstrate resilience and upward momentum, staying attuned to these trends becomes pivotal for stakeholders navigating the evolving landscape of the property market.


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