September 15

Renters Reform Bill Delay Sparks Outrage


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Activists from the Generation Rent campaign are upset that the Renters Reform Bill hasn’t been given priority on the House of Commons agenda. They believe that the Bill won’t be discussed until after the political party conferences, and there are only two days left for Commons business before the conference season break.

During a recent Commons Business Statement session, Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the house, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to the Bill. She promised to announce dates for its progress into law in future business.

However, Ben Twomey, the new chief executive of Generation Rent, is not satisfied. He has written to Housing Secretary Michael Gove, urging him to schedule the Second Reading debate as soon as Parliament resumes after the conference recess. Even when MPs return after the conferences, there’s only a short period before the King’s Speech on November 7, which outlines future business.

Generation Rent claims that since the Bill’s First Reading on May 17, there have been 10,633 households receiving Section 21 eviction notices. They base this on the fact that in Q2 2023, there were 7,491 accelerated claims in England, a 35% increase compared to the same quarter in 2022. According to Generation Rent, during the 44 days of that quarter, there were approximately 3,839 claims.

In Q3 2022, there were 6,092 accelerated claims. If this rate continued into Q3 2023, it would mean 8,224 claims. As of September 14, they estimate around 6,794 claims in the 76 days of the current quarter.

The government initially pledged to abolish Section 21 in April 2019.

The situation becomes even more pressing when looking at Q3 2022, where 6,092 accelerated claims were reported. If this rate persisted into Q3 2023, it would result in 8,224 claims. As of September 14, an estimated 6,794 claims have already been recorded in the 76 days of the current quarter.

It’s essential to remember that the government originally committed to abolishing Section 21 in April 2019. These recent statistics underscore the urgent need for swift action on the Renters Reform Bill.



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