September 26

Revolutionizing Housing: The Case for Rent Controls in UK


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Shelter recently released a significant document titled “The Way Home: a manifesto to rebuild our broken housing system.” This manifesto aims to address the pressing housing issues in England and lays out a four-point plan that outlines the expectations of people and the housing sector from the upcoming government.

The first point of this manifesto emphasizes the need to ensure that everyone has access to safe, secure, and affordable housing. To achieve this goal, various political parties are urged to commit to constructing 90,000 social homes annually for the next decade.

Shelter’s Chief Executive, Polly Neate, highlighted the urgency of the situation. She stressed that the current housing emergency is not a situation we should accept as inevitable. Instead, she believes that by implementing this comprehensive program, we can fundamentally change our approach to housing and bring about greater security and affordability for homes across the nation.

This initiative places rent controls at its core, aiming to address the housing crisis and create a more stable and affordable housing market for all.

In the context of the current property landscape in September 2023, there are critical issues that demand attention. First and foremost, the rising trend in private rents alongside stagnant wages is causing financial strain for many individuals and families. To address this, there is a growing call for a plan to make private renting more affordable.

This affordability plan revolves around regulating the annual rent increases landlords can impose during a tenancy. This step aims to shield tenants from sudden and substantial rent hikes, alleviating the stress and instability such increases can cause. Additionally, ensuring adequate housing benefits plays a crucial role in preventing homelessness among renters.

Another pressing concern is the state of rented homes and their impact on residents’ health. To tackle this issue, there is a strong push for improved management, robust regulations, and stricter enforcement standards for rented properties. In parallel, efforts are being made to enhance conditions for social renters through investment in social housing. Furthermore, local authorities are seeking greater powers to hold rogue landlords accountable in the private rented sector.

These initiatives collectively aim to create a more stable, affordable, and healthier housing environment for individuals and families across the UK.

The fourth and final point of the manifesto focuses on strengthening and clarifying housing rights. This step is considered crucial in addressing homelessness and providing individuals with the necessary guidance to access housing support before issues escalate. Alongside this, there is a call for granting everyone at risk of street homelessness a legal right to suitable emergency accommodation and the support they need.

Shelter’s Chief Executive, Polly Neate, emphasizes the urgency of the situation. She states that it’s essential for politicians to take action because the housing emergency won’t resolve itself. She highlights that there is a solution to this problem, and those who are most affected by it already know what needs to be done. Neate emphasizes that the upcoming election will be a crucial moment where the nation expects its leaders to deliver real change to put an end to the housing crisis, and anything less would mean continued suffering for many.


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