August 24

Shelter’s Campaign to Revive Section 21 Appeal


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Generation Rent supports Shelter’s concerns over evictions in the private rental sector. Shelter’s recent poll reveals 55% of renters faced rent increases in the past year, with 37% struggling or falling behind due to payment hikes. Generation Rent concurs with Shelter’s findings.

CEO Ben Twomey comments: “The survey unveils a distressing reality – renters face heightened vulnerability. Amid economic uncertainty, it’s alarming that over 50% may struggle to cover rent post-job loss. Equally concerning is the potential eviction risk under Section 21, jeopardizing innocent tenants’ homes.

The government must intervene promptly, offering renter support and addressing the rental crisis through lasting solutions. Unfreezing Local Housing Allowance and boosting social housing construction are vital. Passage of the RentShelter's Campaigners Reform Bill, coupled with these actions, could shield tenants from homelessness and inspire positive change. Urgent transformation is overdue and crucial, especially now.”

Generation Rent joins forces with Shelter to express profound concerns regarding evictions in the private rental sector. Shelter’s recent survey outcomes accentuate the hurdles confronting renters, as 55% have encountered rent hikes in the previous year. Additionally, 37% grapple with financial challenges or falling behind due to escalated payments. The alignment of Generation Rent’s stance with Shelter’s findings enhances the gravity of the scenario.


Ben Twomey’s Remarks

CEO Ben Twomey’s remarks offer a contemplative analysis of the survey’s consequences. He emphasises the precarious state of renters, particularly the unsettling potential that more than half may struggle to meet rent commitments in the event of sudden job loss. The added risk of Section 21-based evictions intensifies concerns, potentially disrupting tenants’ lives unjustly.

Amid these exigent challenges, Twomey underscores the criticality of government action. His call for swift intervention encompasses multifaceted remedies. Firstly, the immediate necessity to uphold renters during their vulnerable moments, ensuring residence and financial equilibrium. Secondly, addressing the overarching rental crisis demands systematic reforms. This encompasses unfreezing the Local Housing Allowance, crucial for bridging affordability gaps, and expediting the creation of social housing to cope with escalating demand.

Twomey’s proposition aligns with the impending Renters Reform Bill, a transformative legislative endeavour. Coupled with pragmatic interventions, it can establish a robust safety buffer against homelessness while cultivating optimism for long-term enhancements.

The urgency of these measures cannot be overemphasised, particularly within the present testing environment where stability and security are paramount. As Generation Rent and Shelter combine their voices, the momentum for change strengthens, promising a more equitable rental landscape.


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