October 4

Special Investment Offer for Landlords by Estate Agency


The rising popularity of serviced apartments attracts guests seeking hotel-like comforts while maintaining their privacy. To stand out among the competition and increase profitability, it’s crucial to enhance your marketing strategies for your multiple properties in town.

A property entrepreneur, Jamie Lester, is inviting up to 200 portfolio landlords or developers to invest in his company, HAUS Properties. This opportunity is tailored for those who handle a minimum of 10 property transactions yearly. HAUS follows a model with self-employed brokers, aiming to provide access to a network of industry professionals, making it an appealing investment. 

Lester describes it as an innovative approach, emphasizing collaboration among estate agency professionals within HAUS. The focus is on sharing expertise, support, and opportunities. Joining HAUS Properties unlocks advantages for property assets and aligns with their mission for collective success.

Investing in HAUS Properties starts at £10,000, securing equity in the company. Jamie Lester anticipates a 633% return on investment by 2028.

HAUS’s model guarantees investors a personalized relationship with a self-employed agent and priority access to property opportunities found by HAUS agents. Investors also benefit from reduced agency fees.

HAUS Properties aims to provide its brokers with strong support, advanced technology, training, a robust brand, and active social media presence. Networking events will also be part of the community.

The investment round will conclude by the end of 2023, and HAUS Properties plans to launch publicly in January 2024, starting in London and considering expansion to other major UK cities later on.

Market Outlook: Jamie Lester’s invitation to invest in HAUS Properties comes at an interesting juncture in the UK property market. With the ongoing evolution of property trends and increasing demand for diverse real estate opportunities, this venture aligns with the changing landscape. The strategic focus on collaboration and access to professional networks positions investors well to navigate the dynamic property sector with agility and insight.


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