September 11

Sunak: Respect, Don’t Scapegoat Landlords


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The leadership of the National Residential Landlords Association recently had a meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s team at Downing Street. Alongside addressing specific issues, CEO Ben Beadle and Policy Director Chris Norris emphasized the need for rental reform. 

They noted a shift in the government’s stance on landlords, led by Housing Secretary Michael Gove. Beadle expressed concern that some government departments have not followed suit in adopting a more positive tone towards landlords.

Recent announcements, such as Right to Rent fines and calls for childminding in rental properties, seemed to place blame on landlords for issues like illegal residency and childminding challenges. This ignores significant hurdles like non-negotiable mortgage and insurance conditions. We aim to ensure that the government’s Private Rental Sector reforms gain the trust of responsible landlords. However, the rhetoric from other government departments may intensify concerns that landlords are being unfairly targeted for complex policy issues. We will persist in representing our members at the highest levels to ensure that renters’ reform changes benefit both landlords and tenants fairly.

The NRLA also delved into other topics, such as court reform to ensure prompt handling of possession cases in the post-Section 21 period. Additionally, they explored whether selective licensing should continue to be necessary following the implementation of a property portal outlined in the Renters Reform Bill.

During the meeting between the leadership of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s team, several pressing issues within the UK’s rental sector came under discussion. Among these concerns, a prominent topic was the reform of court procedures, with a particular focus on expediting possession cases. The removal of Section 21 notices has heightened the need for a swift and efficient process that allows landlords to regain possession of their properties promptly. This was a central theme in the discussion, aimed at safeguarding landlords’ rights and preserving the integrity of the rental market.

Selective licensing emerged as another critical point on the NRLA’s agenda during this meeting. The proposal to introduce a property portal as part of the Renters Reform Bill prompted discussions about the continued necessity of selective licensing schemes. There has been an ongoing dialogue among landlords and industry experts regarding whether such schemes remain relevant in a landscape where comprehensive information about rental properties is readily accessible through a centralised portal. This discourse reflects the ongoing efforts to streamline regulations and reduce unnecessary bureaucratic processes within the rental sector.

In addition to the NRLA’s dedication to protecting the interests of responsible landlords, the meeting also delved into the broader implications of government policies on the availability and affordability of rental housing. Addressing these complex issues demands a balanced approach that takes into account the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. The NRLA remains committed to advocating for reforms that uphold a thriving and sustainable private rental sector while ensuring equitable treatment for all stakeholders.

As rental sector reforms continue to evolve, it remains imperative for policymakers to actively engage with industry representatives such as the NRLA. This collaborative approach is vital in shaping effective policies that yield benefits for both landlords and tenants. Establishing common ground and nurturing a cooperative relationship between the government and the rental sector is essential to effectively address the challenges and opportunities within the dynamic rental market.


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