September 28

Survey Reveals Strong Public Support for Property Investment Trends


The rising popularity of serviced apartments attracts guests seeking hotel-like comforts while maintaining their privacy. To stand out among the competition and increase profitability, it’s crucial to enhance your marketing strategies for your multiple properties in town.

The public largely supports a 10-year delay in banning oil and LPG boilers, according to a survey. Rishi Sunak’s decision to postpone the ban until 2035 received approval from 69% of 2,000 British adults.

Originally, the government aimed to phase out these boilers by 2026, but now targets an 80% reduction. Despite concerns from environmentalists, the survey shows that even among homeowners, nearly seven out of ten back the delay.

Among those over 55, support rises to 76%.

The survey also delved into the views of supporters of various political parties. Conservative voters showed strong support for the delay, with 86% in favor. In contrast, Labour supporters were less enthusiastic, with only 45% supporting the postponement. Surprisingly, Green Party supporters were more supportive of the delay than Labour voters, with 50% agreeing with the decision.

Jack Coles, a heating specialist from MyBuilder, which commissioned the survey, commented, “While we understand that this news may not be well-received from an environmental perspective, many people will likely breathe a sigh of relief. Alternative heating options to replace gas and oil boilers have historically been costly and require research to find the best fit for one’s home.”

He added, “Additional time will not only allow homeowners to explore the best options for their properties but also provide manufacturers the opportunity to develop new innovations that could make these alternatives more affordable.”

The Prime Minister also announced a 50% increase in grants for individuals under the boiler upgrade scheme, now reaching £7,500.

Jack Coles remarked, “Any support for homeowners in these challenging times is welcome news. Hopefully, the grant application process will be straightforward, and the delayed ban will provide Brits with the time needed to make these upgrades.”

He added, “Some providers have introduced new heat pump designs that, with the current government subsidies, can be installed for free in certain homes and for just £3,000 in homes requiring additional upgrades like insulation. These costs are expected to decrease as competition grows and more people adopt heat pumps. Furthermore, heat pumps tend to be more cost-effective to operate than gas boilers, especially in well-insulated homes.”


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