September 13

Claim Up to £30k/Property for Tenant Adaptations


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The UK Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities has unveiled a £50 million initiative to aid older and disabled residents across England in maintaining their independent living. This initiative extends to private rental properties, allowing landlords to access funds via the local authority Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) if their tenant requires adaptations. Presently, DFGs can cover adaptation costs of up to £30,000 per property in England. According to housing’s Older Person’s Taskforce, there are currently 12.4 million individuals in the UK aged over 65, constituting 18% of the population. This figure is predicted to increase to 20.4 million, or 26% of the population, by 2041.

Propertymark, the association representing letting agents, has attributed the rise in funding to its proactive engagement with the Older Persons Housing Taskforce’s Call for Evidence. Propertymark advocated for the UK government to enhance awareness and encourage the use of the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) among private landlords and their representatives. This push aims to make a larger portion of privately rented properties accessible. Additionally, Propertymark called for the provision of grants, interest-free loans, and tax incentives to incentivize developers to construct housing that caters to the needs of disabled individuals.

The announcement of a substantial £50 million funding initiative by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities marks a momentous stride in addressing the pressing needs of older and disabled individuals throughout England. Given the nation’s steadily growing aging population, the imperative of ensuring accessible and adaptable housing has never been more pronounced. This initiative, far-reaching in its impact, not only serves the interests of tenants but also extends an invaluable opportunity for landlords to actively contribute to the enhancement of living conditions for these vulnerable segments of society.

Tenant Adaptations

A particularly commendable facet of this initiative is the broadening of the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) to encompass private rental properties. This progressive move signifies a keen recognition of the fact that individuals within the private rented sector equally necessitate accessible housing. Landlords, in this context, emerge as pivotal enablers in the realization of this goal. By facilitating landlord access to funding for essential adaptations, this initiative actively encourages property owners to render their residences more inclusive and attuned to the specific needs of older and disabled tenants.

Statistics proffered by the Older Person’s Taskforce serve as a stark reminder of the urgency surrounding this issue. Presently, a substantial portion of the population, amounting to those aged over 65, stands at a significant demographic juncture. Projections indicate that this demographic is poised to expand further, underscoring the critical importance of investing in accessible housing promptly to meet the impending surge in demand. Consequently, this initiative not only elevates the quality of life for older and disabled individuals but also aligns seamlessly with the government’s overarching vision of levelling up society and fostering the creation of more inclusive communities.

The active involvement of Propertymark, the representative body for letting agents, in advocating for these transformative changes signifies the power of industry collaboration. The real estate sector, comprising letting agents and landlords, wields considerable influence in addressing the pertinent challenges associated with housing accessibility. By proactively propagating awareness regarding the DFG and fervently advocating for incentives to galvanize developers towards constructing housing tailored to the needs of disabled individuals, Propertymark embodies a resolute commitment to reshaping the housing market into a more inclusive and responsive domain. 



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Claim Up to £30k/Property for Tenant Adaptations, Levelling Up, PropertyMarks

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