February 15

Zoopla: Rent Controls Backfire, Resulting in Higher Rents


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Zoopla’s examination of the impact of rent controls in Scotland, initiated by the Scottish Parliament in September 2022 to limit annual rent hikes for existing tenancies, has revealed unexpected consequences. Contrary to the intended goal of stabilizing or reducing rents, the analysis by Zoopla’s research team suggests a notable trend of increased rental prices in the region since the implementation of these controls. This divergence from the anticipated outcome prompts a closer scrutiny of the regulatory measures and raises questions about their effectiveness in achieving the desired results within the dynamic landscape of the rental market.

The observed rise in rental prices following the introduction of rent controls prompts a critical evaluation of the factors influencing this outcome. Zoopla’s findings encourage a deeper exploration into the intricate dynamics between regulatory interventions and market responses. Understanding the nuances of these interactions is crucial for policymakers, landlords, and tenants alike, as it provides insights into the complexities of balancing affordability and sustainability in the rental sector.

The attempt to alleviate cost-of-living pressures for renters in Scotland has resulted in unintended consequences. Landlords, facing limitations on annual rent increases during a tenancy, are adjusting their strategy by setting higher initial rents. This shift in approach has contributed to Scotland experiencing the highest annual rental inflation in the UK, currently standing at 11.1%.

Senior property researcher Izabella Lubowiecka, as reported on Zoopla’s website, highlights this trend, noting that the average monthly rent in Scotland is £790, representing an £82 increase from the previous year. Despite a slightly lower rate of rental growth compared to the previous year, Zoopla anticipates that Scotland’s rental increases will surpass the rest of the UK throughout 2024. The implications of this phenomenon extend beyond short-term fluctuations, potentially impacting the overall affordability and dynamics of the rental market in Scotland. As landlords recalibrate their rental pricing strategies, tenants may face heightened upfront costs, affecting their ability to secure housing without significant financial strain. The delicate balance between tenant affordability and landlord sustainability remains a critical aspect that policymakers need to consider for a well-functioning and equitable rental market in Scotland.

Rent increases are notably concentrated in major urban centers such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, leading the surge in rental prices. In contrast, rural areas tend to exhibit more modest rental growth, generally below six percent annually. This dichotomy in rental trends underscores the diverse landscape of the UK housing market, where regional variations play a pivotal role in shaping tenants’ experiences.

Examining the broader UK scenario, Zoopla reports an average rent surge of 8.3% over the past year, equating to an additional £1,100 on the average annual rental bill. With UK renters now facing an average monthly payment of £1,220, the disparities are evident, ranging from £695 in the North East to £2,119 in London. These figures highlight the intricate interplay between regional market dynamics and the financial commitments tenants encounter, emphasizing the need for tailored approaches to address housing affordability challenges.

As the rental landscape evolves, Zoopla anticipates that Scotland’s rent rises will surpass the UK average throughout 2024. This projection suggests continued challenges for tenants in Scotland, particularly in navigating higher costs associated with housing. The ongoing trends underscore the importance of policymakers and stakeholders understanding the nuanced factors contributing to regional rental dynamics to formulate targeted strategies that address the diverse needs of tenants across the country.

Zoopla says rental growth slowing to single digits is a sign that peak growth has passed after nearly two years of 10 per cent or higher increases. London is seeing growth slow the most as rents hit an affordability ceiling.

“We expect a further slowdown in rental growth in 2024 as worsening affordability keeps demand in check” writes Lubowiecka.



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