August 1

Camden Council Thousands of Housing Safety Failings


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A council, known for criticizing private landlords, is facing criticism for numerous health and safety violations in its social housing. The Regulator of Social Housing discovered that the London Borough of Camden has failed to meet standards, with over 9,000 overdue fire safety actions in their social homes. 

Additionally, around 9,000 homes lack smoke alarms, and 4,000 homes lack carbon monoxide detectors. The regulator demands urgent action to address these issues, and the council is now cooperating to regain compliance.

Kate Dodsworth, Chief of Regulatory Engagement at RSH, expressed her concern over Camden Council’s failure to address thousands of fire safety actions in tenants’ homes. She stated that this negligence is unacceptable and has potentially endangered tenants. 

Urgent corrective measures are necessary, and RSH will closely monitor the council’s actions. This situation emphasizes the significance of meeting health and safety standards, and RSH will take action against landlords who fail to provide safe and decent homes for tenants.

The council’s inaction has sparked serious worries about tenant safety and well-being. Fire safety is crucial, and the council’s delayed response jeopardizes lives. Tenants deserve secure and well-maintained homes, and it’s the council’s duty to meet these standards.

Camden Council

In light of the regulator’s findings, the council must act swiftly to fix the health and safety issues in its social housing. This means expediting fire safety measures and installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors promptly. Tenant safety should be the top priority, and the council must take proactive steps to address the issues.

This situation also underscores the wider problem of accountability and oversight in social housing. Tenants trust councils to provide safe accommodation, and any failure to meet expectations is deeply concerning. Stronger regulations and monitoring are necessary to ensure landlords uphold the required standards and fulfill their duty of care to tenants.

The council should collaborate closely with the regulator to develop a comprehensive plan for improving health and safety standards in its social housing properties. This may involve investing in better infrastructure, providing fire safety training for staff and tenants, and implementing stricter maintenance and inspection protocols.

Transparency is crucial; the council should keep tenants informed about the actions taken to address the identified issues. Open communication and engagement will help rebuild trust and confidence in the council’s ability to manage and maintain social housing effectively.

In conclusion, the health and safety failings in Camden Council’s social housing are deeply concerning and demand immediate attention. Tenant safety should be prioritized by promptly addressing fire safety measures, installing alarms and detectors. 

Additionally, increased accountability and oversight are needed to ensure landlords meet standards for safe and decent homes.



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