August 1

Michael Gove Approves Another Labour Licensing Scheme


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Housing Secretary Michael Gove has given approval for a contentious licensing scheme set to begin this winter. Nottingham council’s selective licensing regime will cover around 30,000 privately rented homes in most areas of the city, requiring explicit consent from Gove due to its size.

The Labour council believes the scheme will inform tenants about their landlords’ home maintenance, safety, and management responsibilities.

The council stated that the scheme would target areas with evidence of substandard property conditions. Rental properties often have hazardous issues, such as electrical, gas, fire safety, damp, and mold problems. Selective Licensing aims to address these concerns by imposing conditions on landlords of private rentals in specific city zones to ensure proper property management.


Landlords and agents are expected to apply for licenses after September 1, with a commitment to provide a more straightforward and faster application process. The generated income from the fees will be utilized to cover the setup, operation, and implementation expenses of the scheme.

The council has not disclosed the exact cost, but it is expected to be similar to the current individual license fee. Councillor Jay Hayes, the housing spokesperson, emphasizes the right of Nottingham residents to decent and safe private rented accommodation that is well-managed.

A license will enable landlords to demonstrate their commitment to providing quality housing. The scheme aims to enhance the reputation of private landlords and improve living standards for Nottingham residents. Landlords with Nottingham Rental Standard Accreditation through DASH or Unipol will benefit from reduced licensing costs.


To sum up, the upcoming selective licensing scheme in Nottingham has garnered support from Housing Secretary Michael Gove and will apply to a significant portion of privately rented properties. The scheme’s main objective is to enhance living standards and tenant safety, promoting responsible property management by landlords. The assurance of a simplified application process and possible cost benefits for accredited landlords aims to bring positive changes to the city’s rental housing market.


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