July 21

Global Giant iad Launches in UK Real Estate


The rising popularity of serviced apartments attracts guests seeking hotel-like comforts while maintaining their privacy. To stand out among the competition and increase profitability, it’s crucial to enhance your marketing strategies for your multiple properties in town.

iad, a thriving international estate agency with revenues surpassing £500m and 20,000 partner agents, has achieved immense success in various countries. As a profitable and reliable player in the property sector, it offers confidence and stability to agents and home-sellers during challenging times. The UK marks a significant milestone in iad’s expansion strategy, and further major territories will be revealed shortly.

In conjunction with the UK launch, iad acquires David Lee estate agents, a renowned self-employed estate agency platform established by Lee O’Brien and David Kirby in 2004.

David Lee will undergo a re-branding to iad, with Lee O’Brien becoming the Managing Director of the expanding UK business. Meanwhile, David Kirby will assume the role of ‘Head of Constellation,’ leading the existing team of 21 agents as the first iad agents to list and sell homes in Britain, establishing a strong presence. The new offering encompasses sales, lettings, and property management.

Nicholas Le Ny-Clarke, renowned as a ‘Super Agent,’ is relocating from France to the UK to assist the senior team in their growth. As iad’s inaugural ‘sponsor,’ Nicholas will support and mentor new agent recruits, fostering expansion.

Jason Bull (formerly with easyProperty) has joined iad as the Head of Coaching and Training, overseeing the Online University program to empower agents for growth.

The iad model entices partner agents with generous commission splits of up to 87.8% and the potential for significant earnings through ‘revenue share’ when recruiting new agents. Across the globe, existing iad agents have cultivated large down-line ‘constellations’ with 500+ agents via revenue share.

Clement Delpirou, iad’s global President, emphasizes the UK’s significance as the world’s fourth largest property market by value and one of Europe’s most valuable. iad’s estate agency brand offers unparalleled support and financial opportunities to partner agents, backed by a rapidly growing company in the property sector. With annual revenues surpassing half a billion pounds, iad provides substantial reassurance to agents contemplating self-employment or considering a switch from their current self-employed platform.

Our aim is clear – to establish ourselves as the leading estate agency in the UK. We’ll achieve this by being the most appealing choice for skilled agents, offering more than just commission splits and revenue share; our unique revenue share approach and genuine support make us stand out.

Lee O’Brien, iad UK Managing Director, emphasizes the immense potential for a well-funded and reputable player to spearhead the growth of the self-employed model in the UK, similar to what’s seen in the US, Europe, and Australia but not yet here. Partnering with iad was an obvious and thrilling decision to propel our efforts to new heights. We are thrilled to lead iad’s expansion in the UK.


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