July 21

Likely New Housing Minister Amid Reshuffle Rumours


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The Department of Levelling Up, Housing Minister and Communities could see changes due to the government’s performance in recent by-elections. A reshuffle might occur this weekend or anytime until September, aiming to establish a new lineup before the Conservative annual conference and potentially before the upcoming General Election in around 15 months.

Ben Wallace, the outgoing Defence Secretary, hinted at an imminent Cabinet reshuffle, signaling his departure from politics. Such reshuffles often result in changes across all levels of government, including junior roles like housing minister. Rachel Maclean is the current housing minister, taking the position in February and being the sixth MP to hold this role in the past year. Prior to her, Lucy Frazer served for 91 days, and before that, Lee Rowley held the post for just 49 days.

Rachel Maclean is now the 15th housing minister under Conservative rule since 2010 and the 23rd person to hold this position since 1997.

Housing Minister

In the meantime, Charles Moore, a prominent figure with strong connections as a former editor of The Spectator and the Daily Telegraph, and currently a non-affiliated peer, suggested in The Spectator that Housing Secretary Michael Gove might be aligning more closely with the Labour party.According to Moore, Gove is undergoing a transformation, expressing support for equality and embracing environmental and left-leaning ideas.

Moore suggests that if Sir Keir Starmer wins the upcoming election, Gove might consider serving the country better by lending his credibility to the Labour party (or taking a non-political role within it) rather than being a spokesperson for the worn-out Tories.Gove, an MP since 2005, assumed the role of Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities on October 25 last year, appointed by Rishi Sunak. Previously, he held the same position during Boris Johnson’s premiership from September 2021 to July 2022, along with various other senior government roles over the past decade.

His support for the Renters Reform Bill, considered tenant-friendly and landlord-unfriendly, has drawn criticism from certain Conservatives who disagree with several proposed measures in the bill.


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