July 28

HMO Landlord & Company Hit with £68K Fines


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Real estate company Mulberry Real Estate Ltd, and its director, David Bryant, received fines for various health and safety violations in their Cardiff properties. The offenses involve neglecting essential repairs to fire doors, escape windows, and kitchens, as well as failing to re-license two properties. The fines imposed were £31,995 for Mulberry Real Estate Ltd. and £36,300 for David Bryant.

In July and October 2021, two HMO licenses held by Bryant’s company for properties in Cardiff expired. These properties were initially licensed by the council in October 2016, and the licenses included specific conditions mandating the completion of work on fire doors, escape windows, and kitchens within three months of issuance.


HMO Licenses Expired

However, in 2021, when the licenses expired, the council made multiple attempts to contact the landlord, but no application was received to renew the licenses for these properties. Subsequent inspections in October 2022 confirmed that both properties required new HMO licenses, and the mandated works outlined in the 2016 license had not been carried out.

Representatives from Mulberry Real Estate Ltd. and David Bryant’s legal team appeared in Cardiff Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to 11 charges, which included the failure to license two properties as Houses of Multiple Occupation.

A council spokesperson expressed that most landlords in Cardiff maintain their properties in good condition and comply with relevant regulations, ensuring a satisfactory service for residents. However, some landlords fall short, prompting necessary action against them. The Magistrates were reportedly shocked by the evidence presented by the council, highlighting that students were put at risk due to incomplete works over a seven-year period.

“I trust this verdict sends a strong signal to unscrupulous landlords that the court treats such cases with utmost gravity, evident in the substantial fines imposed.”

Mulberry Real Estate Ltd. received a fine of £31,995, along with a victim surcharge of £2,000 and costs of £251.86. Meanwhile, Bryant was fined £36,300, with a victim surcharge of £2,000 and costs of £251.86.

The court mandated that all fines and costs must be settled by the end of October this year.



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