July 27

Wealthy Sellers Forced to Rent – Tax Threat Claim


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According to Trevor Abrahmsohn, the owner of Glentree Estates, there is a noticeable trend of more elderly individuals opting to rent homes long-term after selling their family houses. This blog tackles the tax threat forcing wealthy sellers to rent instead of buy. 

This decision is driven by the desire to reduce their inheritance tax burden significantly. Abrahmsohn also points out that by choosing not to purchase another property, the government misses out on potential Stamp Duty revenue from further property transactions.

“However, he points out that without Inheritance tax, this avoidance wouldn’t happen. In his blog, he mentions that the UK government hasn’t followed the example of Australia, New Zealand, and Israel, where similar taxes were abolished due to their impact on middle-class ambitions.”


Abrahmsohn questions the restriction on families leaving their estates to beneficiaries, suggesting that the Treasury could gain considerable taxes through increased consumption and recirculation of capital in the system.”

The blog showcases Abrahmsohn’s signature wit when discussing serious matters, often taking jabs at politicians. For instance, he humorously likens inheritance tax to undesirable experiences like dysentery or being stuck in an elevator with Rachel Reeves.

Abrahmsohn also points out that the current inheritance tax revenue of £7 billion annually is hardly sufficient, playfully suggesting it might only cover Therese Coffey’s cigar expenses.

Additionally, he refers to the late Labour politician Roy Jenkins, who characterized this tax as a “voluntary levy” paid by those who trust the Inland Revenue more than their heirs.


UK government to rethink its approach?

Abrahmsohn urges the UK government to rethink its approach as more elderly individuals opt for long-term rentals to reduce inheritance tax. He highlights how other countries abandoned similar taxes, promoting estate planning and intergenerational wealth transfer.

The blog showcases Abrahmsohn’s unique style, blending humor with serious issues. His witty comparisons and anecdotes resonate with readers, making it engaging and thought-provoking.

Criticism of the current inheritance tax raises significant questions about taxation’s role in society. Abrahmsohn emphasizes the importance of balanced policies for revenue generation and economic growth.


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