July 13

Property Investors Aiding Home Buyer Purchases: Allbricks


The rising popularity of serviced apartments attracts guests seeking hotel-like comforts while maintaining their privacy. To stand out among the competition and increase profitability, it’s crucial to enhance your marketing strategies for your multiple properties in town.

Allbricks, an investment platform, introduces an innovative home-buying model where aspiring buyers collaborate with professional investors to secure properties they cannot afford individually. 

Acting as a mediator, Allbricks facilitates the agreement between the buyer and investors. The buyer then pays monthly rent for the portion of the property they don’t yet own, eliminating the need for a mortgage, debt, or interest. This arrangement benefits both parties, providing the investors with a property investment and regular rent income while alleviating typical landlord complexities.

Home buyers have the opportunity to become owners of a new home and potentially acquire 100% ownership or even sell it. If the property’s value increases, both the homeowner and investors share the capital gains. Allbricks, the platform, enables buyers to contribute as little as £10,000 or 1% of the property’s value (whichever is higher), while qualified property investors finance the remaining portion, offering protection against mortgage interest rate fluctuations. 


Through Allbricks, buyers avoid the risk of rising mortgage rates by paying rent on the portion they don’t own, providing dividends to investors. They also have regular opportunities to increase their ownership stake until full ownership is achieved. Additionally, Allbricks eliminates the burden of maintenance and repairs typically associated with homeownership, providing relief amidst the escalating cost of living crisis.

This unique approach ensures the protection of homeowners’ investments while also safeguarding investors’ interests. Initially available in London, with plans for nationwide expansion, this scheme enables prospective buyers, whether first-time or moving up the property ladder, to potentially afford any home they can rent. Allbricks refers to this as “true gradual home ownership,” allowing homeowners to gradually acquire more of the property over time or eventually own it outright.

Allbricks is open to first-time buyers and home movers who pass affordability assessments, and there are no restrictions on property types or developers. Unlike traditional mortgages that rely on income multipliers, Allbricks assesses purchasing power based on what buyers can comfortably afford to rent. 

Homeowners have control, being able to keep pets and make interior design choices (as long as they don’t decrease the home’s value). After three years, homeowners have the option to purchase five percent of the bricks annually from the initial investors. The more homeowners acquire, the lower their rent payments to the investors become.

Allbricks also offers a comprehensive property management program that includes a dedicated property manager, buildings insurance, regular gas and electrical safety inspections, and an annual repairs budget.

Earlier this year, Shahram Shaida, the CEO of Allbricks, emphasized the need for a modern alternative to outdated mortgage systems. He highlighted that previous solutions merely adjusted various mortgage aspects, whereas Allbricks has developed a completely new model over six years. The launch of Allbricks introduces a more inclusive system that democratises wealth creation by uniting UK home ownership and property investment.

Shaida expressed the urgency of addressing the needs of “Generation Rent” and rekindling the fading dream of home ownership. The aim is to create a more accessible and inclusive market that keeps people in their communities. By bringing together aspiring homeowners and investors, Allbricks seeks to disrupt a market that has long been inaccessible to many individuals.


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