July 14

Unpopular Airbnb Regulation Revealed


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The introduction of mandatory licensing for Airbnb and other tourist accommodations has faced strong opposition.

The Welsh Government, as part of its governing agreement between the Labour party and the Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, has conducted a formal consultation on its plans to implement a unified licensing scheme for short-term rentals, holiday homes, hotels, and bed-and-breakfast establishments. This scheme aims to ensure consistent regulation, building safety, and management standards.


However, the government’s proposal has received significant criticism based on the findings of the consultation.

The consultation process involved 64 questions and received a total of 1,595 responses from various stakeholders, including local councils, accommodation providers, tourism organizations, and residents of Wales.

According to the government’s statement regarding the consultation results, there were several recurring themes that emerged across multiple questions. The most common overarching themes were:

  • The majority of respondents expressed concerns about the proposed statutory licensing scheme, citing significant administrative and financial burdens.
  • Some respondents argued that the visitor accommodation market is already highly competitive and operates efficiently, suggesting that additional regulation is unnecessary.
  • There was a general disagreement with any form of statutory licensing, without providing further explanation for this standpoint.


Throughout the survey, there was a consistent split in opinions between different groups. Larger tourism organizations and local authorities tended to support the proposals, while visitor accommodation providers and residents were more likely to oppose them.

Approximately 74% of respondents favored a scaled fee structure based on accommodation size, rather than a uniform fee for all establishments. Furthermore, 61% disagreed with the notion that such a scheme would create a level playing field for accommodation providers in Wales, considering the variations in size and turnover among different providers.

The consultation results deliver a particularly critical blow to the Welsh Government’s proposals, with a statement indicating that “a majority of respondents who provided evidence from other countries and comparable schemes highlighted negative impacts on the tourism industry and the broader economy.”


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