July 14

£640 Landlord License Fee Approaching


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A new regulation will be implemented on August 1, requiring landlords in three specific wards of the London borough of Brent to obtain a selective license. Landlords operating in Dollis Hill, Harlesden & Kensal Green, and Willesden Green will be legally obligated to acquire the license within a little over two weeks. 

Landlord License Fee

The cost of the license will be £640 for a duration of up to five years. However, those who submit their applications before August 1 will be able to secure the license at the previous rate of £540. The decision to impose selective licensing in these areas was made following a comprehensive borough-wide consultation initiated in the autumn of 2022. A council report emphasized the potential positive impact of this licensing scheme on substandard property conditions and elevated levels of antisocial behavior within the three locations.

According to Councillor Promise Knight, the Cabinet Member responsible for Housing, Homelessness, and Renters’ Security, landlords who collaborate with the council strive to provide tenants with well-maintained properties and satisfactory living conditions. 

The licensing scheme serves as a means to assist landlords in offering the highest possible standards to tenants, safeguarding their safety and well-being. Landlords and agents who possess properties in Dollis Hill, Harlesden & Kensal Green, and Willesden Green are strongly encouraged to submit their license applications promptly.

In addition to the newly introduced selective licensing regulation, the London borough of Brent has established specific criteria that landlords must meet when applying for the license. These criteria encompass presenting valid gas and electrical safety certificates, maintaining suitable property insurance, and adhering to fire safety regulations. Prior to obtaining the license, landlords will also be required to address any outstanding repairs or maintenance issues that need attention.

Moreover, the licensing scheme aims to encourage responsible management practices among landlords. As part of the application process, landlords will be requested to provide information about their managing agents, if applicable, and demonstrate their dedication to promptly resolving tenant complaints and maintaining effective communication channels.

The selective licensing initiative is a crucial component of the council’s comprehensive strategy to enhance the overall quality of the rental market and safeguard the interests of tenants. Alongside the licensing requirements, the council actively engages in educating landlords about their responsibilities and furnishing resources to enhance property standards. This encompasses guidance on energy efficiency, tenant rights, and implementing best practices in property management.

By implementing these measures, the council strives to foster a rental sector that is more transparent and accountable, ensuring that tenants in Dollis Hill, Harlesden & Kensal Green, and Willesden Green have access to secure, well-maintained, and compliant rental accommodations.

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